Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama apologist really ties one on

I thought that with the election of Barack Obama I would not have to address the rantings and meanderings of Doug Kmiec, the one time intelligent and now obviously clouded professor of law from Pepperdine. After all his guy won. He confused many and convinced some Catholics that it was "OK" to vote for an extreme pro-abortion politician.

Well, Kmiec's transformation into Obmam/leftist lapdog is complete with his utter nonsense masquerading as an opinion piece in the latest Time magazine.

I planned to respond and then my friend and colleague attorney Matt Bowman did all the heavy lifting - and much more articulately as well. So I will cut this short, go home and invite you to read Matt's response.

For the record all persons in public life who are called to serve their neighbor by taking a role in government, be it the executive, the legislative, or the judicial, have a duty to protect and defend the Constitution and thus the law. But the law is not law without limits. All law devised by man serves a greater law and that law calls upon all persons to protect and defend innocent human life. Politicians who enact laws, execute laws or interpret laws have a responsibility to recognize this reality or the entire foundation for respecting the law will crumble. Indeed that may be what we have been witnessing in our nation since Roe v. Wade.

It does not matter one's faith or lack thereof. One has an inherent duty to respect the rights of another. The pope in dressing down Nancy Pelosi is more concerned about her salvation than apparently she is. Such it is with one they call Holy Father. He reminds us all that we have a duty to protect and defend innocent human life and oppose such horrors as abortion. Doug Kmiec ought to consider during this Lent and the age old contemplation of the Four Last Things - Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell.


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