Thursday, February 26, 2009

Picking Sebelius would be a disaster for Obama

Recent reports have confirmed what pro-life analysts have been saying about the administration's pick for Health and Human Services; that Kathleen Sebelius would be a disaster for the Obbama White House. Already slapped with a number of scandals, the choice of Sebelius would put the abortion debate front and center with the American public. Not just the debate in general, but the subject of late term abortions and the George Tiller criminal trial would be the front page stories coming out of Kansas.
For years Tiller has been able to avoid his dance with destiny and justice, but a recent decision by the trial judge sets the case for trial.

If Obama wants to have a debate about the Kansas governor's bloody hands in this mess, then the American people are going to learn a whole lot more about late term abortions than they will ever want to know.


At 4:42 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

Well, since reportedly this Catholic in (apparently) good standing, despite her absolutely militantly pro-abortion postion, is going to be Obama's HHS Secretary (since that other devout Catholic Daschle's "fetal demise" -- to use their own terminology), undoubtedly this will once again demonstrate why the national right-to-life "movement" never accomplishes anything. Unless there's some financial or employment skeleton in her closet, Sibelius will sail right through the Senate confirmation process. One or two pro-life Senate committee members might interrogate her about Tiller (though I didn't hear of anyone raising this in Napolitano's Homeland Security confirmation), but, as always, no real opposition will emerge from the politicians who reap the benefits of pro-life votes without delivering any harvest.

(The worst outrage of this type was when Ruth Bader Ginsburg declared in her SCOTUS confirmation hearings that practicing abortion is fundamental to womanhood itself, a disgusting abomination that no one on the Judiciary Committee even verbally challenged! Oh well, she did get three whole votes against her nomination in the entire Senate.... )

At least Obama and all of the other pro-abortion Democratic candidates actually APPEAR before NARAL, Emily' List, etc. to kowtow to their political masters. Rhetorically (though little else) pro-life Presidents Reagan, Bush 41, and Bush 43 always assiduously avoided even speaking at either the annual ROE commemoration or the March for Life (both in Washington DC, of course). But, to avoid embarrasasment, that's probably just as well, since "our side"'s faux "champions" never actually apply a pro-life "litmus test" to judicial or executive nomimees, in contrast to the other side's loudly proclaimed willingness to only support ROE adherents.

The logo for the national right-to-life effort really should be a "KICK ME" sign....

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...


If any further evidence were needed to demonstrate how little seriousness the US Roman Catholic Church has shown (since the late 1970's) about whether pre-birth children should be subject to legally sanctioned extermination for any reason, the existence, and impunity from consequences, of this organization (which, apparently, even includes priests!!! -- along with the other "faithful"'s who will never be called to account) certainly provides it:

(At least, Michael Duffy -- I assume, the TIME Magazine correspondent -- is the only prominent member of this cabal; maybe he can become Sibelius's press spokesmouth.)

Now, let's see: promoting abortion is, according to Canon Law, an excommunicable offense, comparable to attempting to assassinate the Pope. So the only logical conclusion here is that a "Catholic" organization calling for just that sort of crime would skate similarly free from even official criticism, much less from facing condemnation and banishment.

I really do hate having to sarcastically point out all of these absurd, negative realities (it makes me feel down, dirty, and uncomfortably arrogant), but believe there is no alternative, even if no one is listening. If someone else wishes to do so, by all means you have my blessing. In the meantime, UNCLE!!!


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