Monday, March 09, 2009

Obama continues his path of destruction

Not content to destroy the American economy, Barack Obama lifted the restrictions on the federal funding of destructive embryonic stem cell research. In his statement today the president insults the intelligence of those who have for the last eight years pointed out the utter failure of destructive embryonic stem cell research, disregards the moral sensibilities of the nation and those who oppose the use of tax dollars to fund research that kills human subjects, and misdirects limited federal dollars from that research which has not only shown promise but actually saved lives to blue sky maybes that will take dozens of years of government grants before they reveal their wastefulness.

Rather than repeat what others have said, I refer you to the excellent work of the Bio-Ethics Defense Fund and their presentation of the effects of the president's action.

Understand that the ability of research facilities and universities to commit to this research has never been limited by law or the government . The only thing that President Bush did was prevent the use of your tax dollars form being used to fund it. The reason the private sector will not fund this research is because they have found it leads them literally to a dead end.
So the private and university money has gone into ADULT stem cell research. And guess what? This research is saving lives NOW.

Read this story about the use of adult stem cells to have regenerate bone mass.
This decision was political and designed to attack the pro-life movement and the religious community. And when Obama tells the country he is a "person of faith,"I want to remind him that his actions will be judged by Almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth. And that the blood of these children is on his head, along with all of those who acquiesce to the destruction of the innocent.

We wonder why this nation and the world are in economic troubles. We wonder why there is a constant stream of violence her at home and abroad. Then we ignore the only person who can show us the way. And his name sure is not Obama.


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