Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Politics makes strange bedfellows

The choice to select Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius to be the next secretary for Health and Human Services will give pro-life forces an opportunity to teach the nation about the extreme nature of Obama's cabinet selections. Yet unless something comes out during the committee hearings, the Senate will confirm her, making her the most pro-abortion secretary since Janet Napolitano was selected for homeland security. Of course the difference is the impact that an HHS secretary can have in wiping out the few areas of pro-life preference in HHS and restocking it with Planned Parenthood clones ready to advance the evil empire.

Why do I feel that we are in a bad Star Wars movie?

Yet ironically as in Arizona, Sebelius' departure may help advance some pro-life legislation and allow for pro-life groups to shine the light on the the insipid practices of Tiller and the abortion industry in Kansas. Further the Lt. Gov. Mark Parkinson is a former Republican who does not intend to run for governor in 2010. That seat is most likely to be sought by Senator Sam Brownback, who is not running for re-election. Pundits suspected that Sebelius would run for the Senate seat in 2010. That may explain why despite the outrage at her selection, both senators from Kansas expressed their congratulations. This gesture sparked rebukes for m many in pro-life circles.

In either case, the pro-life senators must make an example of her because of the sensitive post she may assume. she could cause so much heartache to pregnancy centers while giving preferential treatment to abortion proponents. But talking to Washington insiders, it was a question in their minds of whether one wanted her in Kansas and possibly the next U.S. senator or at HHS where she will wreck havoc for the next four years.One should also realize that the Kansas legislature may very well be happy she is gone, in a similar vein as was the Arizona legislature happy to see Janet pack her bags.

As for what to do, I think that the pro-life community must use the moment as a teaching on and expose her bloody hands to the nation and paint Obama and his administration as the abortion administration.

The hierarchy of the Catholic Chuck in Kaunas ought to publicly excommunicate her.

Once she is gone the Kansas legislature and executive branch should launch an investigation into her connections with Tiller who is under indictment for performing illegal late term abortions. Perhaps after she is out of Kansas and confirmed by the Senate, the "rest of the story" will emerge thus bringing her the disgrace (and perhaps a grace filled moment to cause her to repent) that will save the people of Kansas and the nation from her evil intentions.

Still I cannot but echo my disappointment in Senator Brownbacks' congratulations. He should have commented on the extreme pro-abortion position of Sebelius and the administration. Only Senator Coburn gets high marks from me for his comments that he will go to jail before surrendering his conscience to the fascist liberals now seeping into government.

Kansas and its history has always mirrored the nation. The people elected two pro-life Republican senators and then elected a vehement pro-abortion democrat governor. The Catholic bishops of Kansas are stellar yet the state boasts the most notorious abortionist in history. Now the confusion continues with the pro-life senators wishing her well as the state becomes an interesting theater for the most critical debate of our time.


At 8:16 AM, Blogger Leslie said...

Yes the Kansas Bishops should excommunicate
Sebelius! That would make her confirmation
hearings all the more pertinent and instructive
for the nation. We can only pray for that kind
of moral fortitude.

Somehow the word insipid in the same sentence
with Tiller, doesn't work for me.

At 11:20 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

Of course, your allusion to Kansas's historical importance refers to the pre-Civil War era there ("Bleeding Kansas") during which, among many other acts of violence and pitched battles over slavery, John Brown led raids from across the border in Missouri, summarily executing slaveholders, prior to his even more radical effort at Harper's Ferry VA.

So above commentator Leslie's picture with a Lincoln imitator ironically highlights the extreme hypocrisy of Obama's public fixation with the Greatest American (I don't even know who is in second place, the margin is so wide), considering that Obama's abortion position (such as cowardly and disingenuously declaring that the question of the humanity of babies prior to birth was "beyond his pay grade," when there is no pertinent scientific dispute about this fundamental fact, any more than there ever was about the people being legally enslaved) more closely parallels, at best, Lincoln's rival Stephen Douglas's popular sovereignity doctrine on slavery (though at least that weasally position permitted individual states to ban the barbaric practice), if not that of the Copperheads, or even of the Confederacy itself.

In particular, Obama's reprehensible record in the Illinois State legislature defames Lincoln's legacy there, especially considering the current President's having launched his campaign at Old State Capitol in Springfield.


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