Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AZ House passses Abortion Consent Act

By a vote of 36-19 the House passed the Abortion Consent Act this afternoon after a full debate on the House Floor. The bill now moves to the Senate for further action.
The measure corrects a loophole in the parental consent law previously passed by the Legislature and upheld by the Ninth Circuit. This loophole allowed the abortion clinic to accept a "consent" form the parent or guardian without evidence of proof that it was actually signed by the parent or guardian.
The bill also requires a 24 hour waiting period prior to the abortion.
The bill requires the woman be informed of the risks and alternatives as well as be allowed to view the ultrasound.
The bill protects the rights of conscience of health care workers, pharmacists and doctors.
Finally the bill prevents nurse practitioners or anyone other than a physician from performing abortions. T he bill does not authorize doctors to do them or recognize any right of the physician to perform an abortion but specifically prevents anyone else form being allowed to commit and abortion.
In Arizona the State Board of Nursing in an unparalleled usurpation of power refused to sanction a nurse practitioner for having performed abortions in Tucson for eight years.Instead the board concluded that committing an abortion was within the scope and practice of a nurse practitioner.

Considering that many abortion minded women are not provided with truthful information regarding the abortion procedure and the fact that the abortion will kill their unborn child, this legislation is something that will help women during these stressful situations.
This measure is simply common sense and will help women make informed decisions. Reports show that if a woman can see the beating heart of her unborn baby, she will be less likely to abort.
Considering the over two million couple wanting to adopt, can one even conceive of a legitimate reason to kill an innocent unborn child?

The bill is a example of what pro-life groups who work together can do to act at the local level to promote respect fr life.

Congratulations to Cathi Herrod of CAP and Ron Johnson of the ACC for their efforts.

Stay tuned as we will need your help to make sure that the bill does not get lost in the Senate amidst all the budget conversation.


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