Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Human Experience

For the last two nights I have feasted upon a visual and and intellectual banquet asking the age old questions of who we are and why we are here through the eyes of four young men who traveled to the four corners of the world seeking answers to these questions. The result is The Human Experience, a film that is part documentary film, part reality film, but one with a big heart and a lot of soul.

The musics is sweeping in its scope and yet at times sometimes very intimate. It complements the story line and joins with the visual effects to provide a truly sensuous encounter. The editing was excellent and at times you felt as if you were right there with the young men experiencing their fears as they confronted some very serious moments.

The film is currently in what is called post production pre-screening where private screenings are taking place throughout the country to generate interest in the film. The producers will then attempt to get someone to distribute the film or do it themselves. You can find out more about Grassroots Films at their website.

The movie is very tough in some sense. It asks the viewer to think about some very important questions. There are some powerful images invoked to compel this thinking. But it is something that we in this culture really need to do more often. We need to think about the higher things, the greater things, the things that ore not about us.

The movie is not preachy, yet it captures the heart and leads it to appreciate the importance of acknowledging the Creator of the universe.

The story starts out with two young men who are going on an adventure. They are joined later by two of their comrades. They are filmed as they "experience" some events which open their and the audience's eye to the beauty of the human person.

This film reflects John Paul II's writing about developing a culture that is "person centered rather than "thing" centered.

Finally - and this is most important - the film celebrates the joy of life, the sanctity of life and the uniqueness of every human person. It makes a pro-life statement without ever mentioning the word abortion. The film shows that every culture at its roots celebrates the wonder of the human person.

Look for the film to come to your community. Better yet contact them and arrange to bring The Human Experience to your city or college campus. It will be well worth the effort.


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