Saturday, March 21, 2009

Archbishop Chaput tells it like it is

Over at Big Blue Wave. there is a great poat quoting Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, who cuts through all the rhetoric and reminds us why abortion remains legal to this day. While very sobering, it is worth the read.


At 1:00 AM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

Although the website commentator ("Suzanne") is utterly incorrect in somehow blaming for the Bishops' "namby-pamby" attitude on Vatican II (to which, for example, the future Pope John Paul II, author of the "Culture of Death" encyclical, was a signatory), she is to be commended for her forthright denuncitation of the their absolutely abject lack of leadership (since the late 1970's) in it self-proclaimed resistance to the legal status of de facto infanticide. This JAKUBCZYK ON LIFE blogsite has already featured many of the reasons for this moral cowardice (fear of losing the Church's tax exemption, loss of moral influence due to the pederasty scandal, ludicrous moral equivalence of legal abortion with general social issues, etc.), but in a significant way, even Archbishop Chaput's candor, and our own Bishop Olmstead's steadfastness (as in condemning Notre Dame University's invitation to Obama as directly contravening the Church's own stated policy), further highlight why nothing ever actually changes: rhetoric not supported by substantive action is even worse than silence, since it trivializes what must be a moral inmperative.

Undoubtedly, much of which would be necessary to bring about the shift necessary within Catholicism (and would apply to other Christian denominations and other religions as well) would be very uncomfortable and costly in many senses (not just financially per se, but also the certain loss of many congregants), but until and unless the legal sanction for exterminating inconvenient pre-birth children is taken seriously for what is really represents, no one should harbor any illusions of success.


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