Sunday, March 22, 2009

Complicit Clergy

Those clergy who acted like apologists for Barack Obmana during the 2008 elections owe the American people and all the unborn an apology for misleading, manipulating and encouraging Christians to vote for this disaster.

Two months into his first term of office and the abortion president has nominated pro-abortion extremists to this cabinet, reversed pro-life protections for doctors and other health care providers, ended the ban on use of federal funds for destructive embryonic stem cell research, nominated people hostile to the First Amendment, especially when it deals with Free Speech for those who want to protect life, wants to unravel all laws restricting abortion with FOCA, - and this is in the first two months.

But then let me quote one churchman who seems to understand - sadly -the cozy relationship going on here:

“Some Catholics in both political parties are deeply troubled by these issues. But too many Catholics just don’t really care. That’s the truth of it. If they cared, our political environment would be different. If 65 million Catholics really cared about their faith and cared about what it teaches, neither political party could ignore what we believe about justice for the poor, or the homeless, or immigrants, or the unborn child. If 65 million American Catholics really understood their faith, we wouldn’t need to waste each other’s time arguing about whether the legalized killing of an unborn child is somehow ‘balanced out’ or excused by three other good social policies.”

While he addressed Catholics, this critique applies to all who claim the title "Christian." He goes on to say

“Paul’s failure at the Areopagus is a good lesson for the times we face now in America.... When Catholics start leading their daily lives without a hunger for something higher than their own ambitions or appetites, or with the idea that they can create their own truth and then baptize it with an appeal to personal conscience, they become, in practice, agnostics in their personal lives, and Sophists in their public lives. In fact, people who openly reject God or dismiss Christianity as obsolete are sometimes far more honest and far less discouraging than Catholics who claim to be faithful to the Church but directly reject her guidance by their words and actions.”

But the Archbishop also had tough words for the press.

“We have to make ourselves stupid to believe some of the things American Catholics are now expected to accept. There’s nothing more empty-headed in a pluralist democracy than telling citizens to keep quiet about their beliefs. A healthy democracy requires exactly the opposite.”

The current scandal at Notre Dame is further evidence of this complicity among much of the clergy.


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