Monday, April 13, 2009

Reflections - Easter 2009

For those of us involved in the pro-life movement, whether actively through pro-life organizations or through our prayer efforts, or perhaps through occasional financial contributions, what ultimately motivates us is our concern for the other person. We may feel guilty; we may feel called; we may feel duty bound; but it is not about us. It is about the other. That other person may be seen in the unwed mother, the unborn baby, even the father of that baby, is but one factor. We may hope for those who wish to be parents but cannot. We may worry about the future of those touched by these events and how it impacts on family. We may even be looking at the effect the whole issue has on society, on culture on the nation. Finally our involvement may be a means of seeking our own forgiveness for acts that run contrary to our true nature.

But whatever motivates us, our love for life and our willingness to stand up for life takes a special meaning to those who believe in the Christ. for belief in the Resurrection gives us a powerful means of identifying the real struggle in the whole abortion issue. We realize that it is not just about politics, not just about changing the laws or even changing hearts, it is about who is honored and as the true source of all we have.

Acknowledging our dependence on Almighty God and recognizing the lordship of His Son Jesus Christ, odes not lessen our duty to involve ourselves in the public square. If anything it should compel us toward action and away from apathy. If anything it would give us strength when the forces of evil seem to have the upper hand. If anything it should give us a boldness to teach a message of love and life to a world that is struggling to appreciate its own reason for existence.

The world will not debate the issue on its merits. Those who oppose the right to life have long since resulted to lies and deceptions to gain their success. The strength of the opposition has always been in the apathy of those who claim to believe in Christ. Evil knows it can only triumph if those who are good do nothing. That has been the history of the whole human race.

So what does this mean for us on this Easter day in April 2009?

It means we must look inside ourselves and renew our personal commitment to life.

It means we must act out our pro-life commitment in our daily lives.

It means we must sacrifice for the greater good and support Arizona Right to Life with our time, our talent and our treasure.

It means we must connect with those who think that we can make a difference and then act to do so.

As believers it means we must be the hands of Christ, the feet of Christ, the arms of Christ and reach out to a suffering world, bringing the truth which will set captives free.

It means being a hero and saving lives.


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