Thursday, May 14, 2009

Growing the pro-life movement

It seems that the election of Barack Obama may have had some unintended consequences not contemplated by the media, the abortion industry or the president's people.
We all know that the Obama team made a concerted effort to neutralize the pro-life effort during the last election. They went after Catholics and Evangelicals who were weary and disillusioned after 35 years. They went to the nation's capitol with a lot of support from the national media and the conventional wisdom was that Obama owned the field. The word on the streets to the pro-life movement was - you lost - get used to it.

Well now it seems that the pundits may have spoke too soon - once again ( I remember these same remarks back in 1978, 1992, 1996, etc). According to various polls, Obama's aggressive moves to expand abortion have resulted in a sizable drop in his overall positive ratings. According to an article recently written by Jill Stanek the public does not appreciate this approach and and told pollsters of their disdain for these politics of division.

In addition pro-life groups and organizations around the country are reporting greater interest and involvement in events and activities. Groups are noting bigger crowds at marches, more involvement in events such as 40 Days for Life, and increased membership.

I can report that over 300,000 people attended the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., over 25,000 marched in San Francisco, and thousands marched, prayed and otherwise gathered throughout the heartland of America. Even the USCCB took unprecedented action by shipping millions of postcards to parishes throughout the U.S. opposing FOCA. The ongoing controversy at Notre Dame has kept the issue on the front pages. The passage of state laws throughout the country is another sign that the movement is not going away.

The statistics still show that political figures should consider the moral and political advantage of being pro-life. The young people are more sympathetic to the life issue in that they are survivors of the abortion mentality. Arguing that the nation must protect the rights of the unborn is more reasonable than suggesting that there should be a right to kill one's child. Combine that with the overwhelming rightness of the cause and it is very clear that what e need to do is continue to build at the grassroots and then translate that growth into political action.

Ignore the media and realize that Obama in his own perverse way may be helping our movement to re-focus on the basics and how we will win. There can be no letting up in our objections to his terrible efforts to expand abortion. We must hold our local politicians accountable and in fact we should challenge every pro-abortion candidate in every primary. We must challenge our pastors to preach the truth in the pulpit and not give cover to the weak willed spineless sorts. Finally we must continue our prayerful public presence in front of the abortion mills.

If each of us would commit to bringing new people into the cause, then we could expand our ranks exponentially. Use the latest in technology and do not ignore the opportunities that social networking programs such as Facebook provide.

And remember you are the face and the voice of the pro-life movement. Be clear, be strong and build your network so that you an influence those around you. Your efforts can make a real difference. You can save a life.


At 8:36 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

What has been even more discouraging and surreal about these numbers (includng the recent Gallup poll in which, for the first time, more Americans describe themselves as "pro-life" than "pro-choice") is the abominable (and based on hideously misperceived self-interest) disconnect between sentiment and reality. Has the lethal nature of abortion somehow changed since last November? Do Obama's pro-abortion actions in any way not reflect precisely his known militantly pro-death record (even for babies aborted alive!) and his campaign promises to the pro-abortion lobby?

Ironically, one essentially pro-"choice" column I read last week assesses this situation more realistically than any of the pro-life commentary has: "'Pro-life' doesn't mean anti-abortion."


Until and unless people, especially young adults (which EVERY poll indicates are nominally more "pro-life" than their parents' generation), actually VOTE OUT pro-abortion politicians, even those (such as Obama) expressing such sincere empathy for everyone blessed enough not have been legally killed in utero, we can look forward to NEVER ending this nightmare....


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