Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Current lessons in the law reports the following story that you will NOT read or hear about in the mainstream press.

A 34-year-old California man, Aaron Ashley was convicted of two counts of murder in the killings of his pregnant girlfriend and her unborn child. Ashley, who could be the first to be prosecuted since the conviction of Scott Peterson for the deaths of Laci and Conner, wanted his partner to have an abortion.

In a scene being played out on more than one occasion throughout the country, men are trying to force the women they have impregnated to have abortions. The pressure that these scoundrels exert can be overwhelming and many times between the fear and the pretense of caring, these men are exerting an influence over women who are under tremendous stress. The results are that women are being coerced into having abortions they do not want or are being physically harmed or killed in order to prevent the child from being born.

The only thing that will end this abuse is the passage of federal and state laws to prevent the coercion of women to have abortions.

And here is the incredible inconsistency. This man is going to prison for doing the same thing abortionists are getting paid to do.


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