Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas 2009

Another year has passed and today is Christmas Eve. For so many right now the effects of the economy are taking its toll on friends, family and finances. The ever growing and seemingly unstoppable power of government to intrude in our lives drowns out any hope people have to live their lives in freedom. One gets the feeling that we are living in “Pottersville” and can only hope to wake up from this depressing nightmare.

A long time ago a people who once walked in darkness were shown a great and wonderful Light. They too were oppressed by a government that cared for itself than the people. Their lives were considered “not worth living” by those who held the reins of power. For many of them each day was a struggle just to stay alive.

In this present day throughout the world, people still struggle with oppression, with hunger, with war and disease. For them simple things like clean running water and uncontaminated food are luxuries. For them a quiet night without gunfire or explosions is a gift without measure. So much that we have we take for granted. Christmas affords us a moment to take stock and be thankful for all that God has given us, staring with the ultimate gift – His Son, Jesus Christ.

How then should we live? Those of us involved in pro-life work are often frustrated by the lack of progress, the continuing defeats, the defections and betrayals, the political posturing. But can we ever quit? Can we ever lose sight that our hope is not in princes and politicians but in the Creator of the universe? Can we ever forget that in every life that is saved, we have, by the grace of God, allowed for another human being to have a chance to know the saving love of Jesus Christ? Can we ever ignore the incredible gift that is each and every person?

It is because we love, because we care, because we know that there is right and wrong, that we cannot quit, we cannot become discouraged and that we will never be defeated in our efforts to protect and defends every innocent human person from conception to natural death. We are the ones who believe in people, in the future, in the hope for tomorrow. We are the ones who, despite setbacks, will always get up, will never stop and will always be there for the weak and the oppressed. A friend of mine speaks of it as being ‘whole life’ and he makes the point well that we who care about our brother and sister in the womb also care about the baby in Darfur, the family in Appalachia, the migrant in Salinas. We start with our family and then reach out to the community, and then to the world at large. And we offer this view of life to all who are open to the Truth; for it is the only view that nourishes life and develops the soul.

So this weekend as you enjoy the blessings of God’s peace in the greatest gift ever given, pray for the little ones, pray for their mothers and fathers that they might choose life. Pray for our nation’s leaders that they might reflect on the message in Chronicles, as we all get on our knees, humble ourselves, repent of our sins, and ask God to heal this land. Pray for those who stand up for life to hold fast to the Truth and not waiver. Be strong, do not be afraid. Remember that He who was born this Christmas night has won the eternal victory.

Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nelson's sell out

So what prompts a United States Senator to say for weeks that he will hold firm on the pro-life issue as a matter of principle only to cave in during the wee hours of the morning prior to the vote?

Aside from the obvious bribes for his vote, did the democratic leadership have something on him that he could not allow to be revealed?

And what about Bob Casey of Pennsylvania? where was he while all of this was happening?

It doesn't make sense except in the context of the dirty rough and tough Chicago style politics that has been the real "change" that Washington has seen since Obama and his hit men blew into town.

Well from now on he is Benedict Arnold Nelson, the man who betrayed a million unborn lives.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Harry Reid and racism in the U. S. Senate

The vote to table (kill) the Nelson-Hatch Amendment to eliminate abortion from the Senate so called health bill 55-45 marks another racist vote by the U. S. Senate.

The Senators need to look at the video that addresses this reality.

As for calling those who oppose abortion and therefore the current version of the health care bill, he is a hypocrite of the most extreme nature.

For those interested, one can watch all of these segments on You Tube.