Thursday, July 31, 2008

A female V P ? What about Sarah Palin?

There is an article in today's Washington Times which discusses the prospects of John McCain considering a woman for the vice presidential spot. One candidate that has excited a lot of people throughout the country is Alaska's current governor Sarah Palin. Palin is Alaska's first woman governor - taking office in 2006. She has an interesting biography which you can read here.

So where does she stand on our issues?

She is strongly pro-life. But only is she pro-life in her politics, she lives it. A Mirror of Justice blog cites a Nat Hentoff article that talks about what Governor Palin did when she was told her baby would be Downs Syndrome. The article calls upon John McCain to choose Governor Palin as his vice-president . And there are a lot of blogs talking about her credentials.

My thoughts.

I like the idea.

here are the reasons.

1. Pro-life commitment. As a women no one from the other side could touch her on the subject. She has lived through a difficult pregnancy and chose life for her baby. That's courage. If the pro-abortion extremists try to attack her, it will look really bad.

2. Administrative experience. Face it. The job of the VP is to be ready for the unthinkable. In Palin, one gets someone with executive experience.

3. Reformer. Not part of the old guard or old boys network in Alaska, she has been relentless in challenging the corruption that has raised its ugly head again in the indictment of Sen. Stevens. She has been an ardent opponent of Stevens. This plays to the McCain reform theme.

4. Energy awareness. Coming from Alaska,she can speak with an expertise about the energy issues and discuss the importance of being self reliant as we move toward developing additional means to provide energy to this nation.

5. Youth. She gives a nod to the next generation while reflecting the time honored traditions that have made this nation strong.

6. She is a woman. Her presence on the ticket gives women another good reason to support McCain. She will attract those women who do not warm up to Obama as well as those who were supporting Hillary in the primary.

7. Maverick. She has a reputation for taking on the tough issues with a certain independent flair and that is what the people in this country want.

8. Excitement. She will bring some excitement to the race.

9. Conservative principles. Pro-gun, pro-marriage, pro-life. This can excite the base and get them out of the doldrums.

John McCain should seriously consider this prospect.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Preparing to the fall elections

So now that the month of August is around the corner and the back to school advertisements are filling the newspapers, it is time to remind everyone that the primary elections are a little over a month away and that the general election is less than 100 days from happening.

Lets take a moment and check off the important items.

1. Are we registered to vote?

2 Is everyone of voting age registered to vote?

3. Are all of our pro-life friends and relatives registered to vote?

Being registered to vote is the first thing one must do if one intends to act in defense of unborn children. No matter how you slice it, if you can't vote, you can't really affect the outcome of the election.

4. Are you aware of the offices up for election?

5. Are you familiar with the positions of those running for public office?

6. Are you aware of the position of the candidates on the issue of abortion, euthanasia and infanticide?

7. Where do the candidates stand on related family issues?

It is very important that the truth be told about the candidates and their positions on the importnat life issues.

Make sure you know... and pass the word.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

AZRTL-PAC Endorses John McCain for President

I am pleased to announce that the Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee has endorsed Senator John McCain for president of the United States. The PAC generally issues its endorsements in July following its examination of the records and candidate surveys that are sent and returned in June following the close of the filing process. The PAC will be issuing its endorsements of the county, state and federal races this week. Look to the website for the link that will identify who AZRTL believes will best represent the concerns of the pro-life community this fall.

As for the selection of Senator McCain, those following this blog have known my personal support for the Senator and my overall disgust with the duplicity of his opponent. I can only encourage everyone to use every effort to promote his candidacy and to clearly articulate the extreme pro-abortion position of Barack Obama.

We need a friend in the White House, someone with whom we can communicate, encourage and counsel. Pass the word among those who seem tired or weary with the process.: Obama is owned by Planned Parenthood. He has a slick message that is long on sweet sounding verbiage and short on real substance. His message though when distilled is this - America needs to moves to the left. America needs to become more like Europe. America must pay more to the government so that government can do more for you. In essence, he is asking the people of America to give up their self reliance, their independence, their freedoms and to trust in the security that Obama will bring.

As for protecting life, Obama could care less.

As for protecting unborn children, Obama could care less.

As for standing up against those who would destroy marriage and the family, Obama could care less.

He wants us to be tolerant of those who disagree with us, but tells us that we are the ones who have to change.

What ever has kept you on the sidelines, the time for passivity has ended. We must elect a president who believes in the traditions of this nation, the traditions of this culture and the traditions of this our western civilization. We must elect John McCain.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Carville shills for Obama

It is almost laughable how the Democrat machine - now that it includes James Carville - will just blatantly lie about Senator Obama's abortion position. In an interview in the CNN Situation Room, Carville not only manages to smear John McCain for his courageous stand on life but then attacks Jill Stanek, the nurse who blew wide open the horrible practice that was happening in Illinois hospitals and other abortion mills throughout the country. Check our the story and ask yourself how this gut at one time was an adviser to the president of the United States.

Carville represents the worst in politics today. He has no respect for the public, would not know the truth if it hit him square in the face, and is totally about the power.

He cannot relate to the working class families who are trying to address the current economic and social problems of the day. He and his Washington elites are about power and control.

Ask yourself - when in the Congress this term has anyone stood against the Democrat power structure in an effort to move beyond the politics of destruction?

Pelosi rules that House with an iron fist. Make no mistake. She will be telling Obama what to do.That does not bode well for the nation .

Just another reminder of why this election is so very important.

McCain attacks Obama on abortion

Senator John McCain mentioned the "A" word in Kansas yesterday attacking Obama for his pro-abortion position and telling his audience at Union station that he would always protect the rights of the unborn.

He called partial birth abortion a hideous procedure that should never be allowed anywhere on earth.

The Obama spokesman spit out the same old mantra about abortion being a woman's choice. Rather than respond to the same tired old arguments, let me introduce you to someone with a interesting insight.

Elizabeth Scalia wrote a compelling piece on Pajamas Media addressing this issue from a different angle. Allow me to cite part of it and I encourage you to read the whole article. She takes a number of so-called liberal arguments used by those who support Obama and puts them in the context of the abortion issue.

War is a struggle between two evolving powers over who will have dominance; whether just or unjust, it involves the murder of the innocent and the disruption of families. War introduces pain, fire, violence, savagery and torture into societies.

Abortion is a struggle between two evolving powers over who will have dominance; whether “justified” or not, it involves the murder of the innocent and the disruption of families. A vacuum abortion, saline abortion or a D&C introduces pain, fire, and a limb-shredding, relentless violence deep into the very being of a woman’s body, within her very womb. A partial birth abortion, which involves inserting a scissor into the base of the skull of a partially delivered fetus, then suctioning out its brain before fully withdrawing the fetus from the birth canal, embodies the sort of savagery and real torture which is the most abhorrent part of any war.

The death penalty is a legal execution of an individual judged guilty of heinous acts against the larger society; convicts are sometimes discovered to have been innocent of the charges made against them only after their lives have been taken. Many consider even the most “humane” means of execution to be cruel and inhuman, and even when the convict is guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, it may be well-argued that killing a murderer does not bring back the victim and that “two wrongs do not make a right.”

In an abortion, the fetus is as subject to the death penalty as anyone ever so ordered by a jury; the fetus is always innocent. Even the most “humane” means of abortion — whatever that might be — involves cruel and inhuman measures. And even if the fetus — in its innocence — is the product of a violent and “guilty” conception, it may be well-argued that one merciless violation cannot be healed by a second — equally merciless — violation and that “two wrongs do not make a right.”

Poverty steals hope, exposes the helpless to political, sexual, and economic exploitation (from friend and foe) and defers dreams. It breaks rather than builds and reduces human beings to the status of mere “votes” or “workers” or “things.”

Abortion destroys a hopeful life, exposes the mother and fetus to political, sexual, and economic exploitation (from friend and foe) and defers dreams. It destroys what is being built and reduces a thriving being, species human, to the status of mere “products of conception” and “blobs of tissue.”

Racism is the superficial and unjust rejection and/or exploitation of another human being or group of people based on race. Racism works to suppress; it denies opportunity and feeds stereotypes (”your kind are not good enough!”) Racism has inspired exclusionary rhetoric and genocidal movements, as may be found in the supremacist literature of the KKK. Racism exists to diminish another human.

Abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood have been observed agreeing to a superficial and unjust request to apply donated money toward the destruction of fetuses of a specified race. Abortion works to suppress; it denies opportunity and feeds stereotypes (”your kind are too good/too poor/too promising to be “punished” with a baby!). Abortion has inspired exclusionary rhetoric and genocidal movements as may be found in the elitist literature of Margaret Sanger. Abortion exists to diminish another human.

Capitalism in the imperfect enterprise system by which free markets provide jobs, goods, and services in order to stir economic growth. Its excesses often result in — among other things — unlicensed or unscrupulous practices and the exploitation of the worker, in pursuit of maximum profit.

Abortion providers are capitalist enterprises that often indulge in — among other things — unlicensed and unscrupulous practices and the exploitation of women in difficult circumstances, in pursuit of maximum profit.

We must continue to engage with those who do not understand the importance of this year's election. In a spirit of charity and reasoned argument, each of us must make the compelling case for electing a pro-life president. A pro-life president will allow us to make and consolidate the gains we are making in the battle for the nation's soul. an Obama presidency means Nancy Pelosi and harry Reid and Obama turning this nation into a socialist collective that will deny rights not only to the unborn, but to those who would protect them, offer them sanctuary, and seek to help the women being exploited by the abortion profiters.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Obama supports infanticide

Nat Hentoff did an article recently calling Barack Obama the "Infanticide Candidate. After pointing out a number of characteristics that Hentoff kiled in Obama, he apporached the subject of abortion. Hentoff writes

"But on abortion, Obama is an extremist. He has opposed the Supreme Court decision that finally upheld the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act against that form of infanticide. Most startlingly, for a professed humanist, Obama -- in the Illinois Senate -- also voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. I have reported on several of those cases when, before the abortion was completed, an alive infant was suddenly in the room. It was disposed of as a horrified nurse who was not necessarily pro-life followed the doctors' orders to put the baby in a pail or otherwise get rid of the child."

Hentoff is no right wing mouthpiece. The award winning liberal columnist has taken on the pro-abortion liberal establishment for years. His comments have not gone without notice. Deal Hudson on wrote an article recently commenting on this very point.

There are a lot of people who do not want to know the truth about Barack Obama's position on abortion. During this election season it is imperative that the truth be shouted from the housetops and whispered in the halls that Obama not only is pro-abortion, but he is pro-infanticide.

Jill Stanek in her latest article about Obama and the infanticide issue wrote "Over the years, Obama or his surrogates have mischaracterized Illinois' Born Alive Act and his reasons for opposing it at least 10 different ways."

She went on to explain

But Obama's most flagrant lie, perpetuated by both NARAL and the Obama campaign after CNN ran a fair analysis on June 30 of Obama's opposition to Born Alive, is as NARAL wrote in a rebuttal:

The Illinois bill did not include a provision that explicitly avoided entanglement in the abortion debate, as the federal bill did. It is inaccurate for any reporter, commentator, or surrogate for the McCain campaign to suggest otherwise.

This was in response to Bennett's assertion that "the 2003 bill had exactly the same language as the federal bill, and Barack Obama voted against it."

Bennett was absolutely right, NARAL and Obama are absolutely lying.

The definition of "born alive" was the same in both versions. It was copied from the World Health Organization definition of "born alive" created in 1950, which the United Nations adopted in 1955.

But the final version of the federal Born Alive statute added the provision:

Nothing in this section shall be construed to affirm, deny, expand, or contract any legal status or legal right applicable to any member of the species homo sapiens at any point prior to being "born alive" as defined in this section.

This was a fig leaf to cover pro-abortion legislators and groups who had automatically opposed Born Alive without realizing the ramifications. They needed to save face to support the bill.

But careful analysis of the brilliant wording of the provision indicates it actually says, basically, "Saying postborn babies are legal persons is not saying preborn babies aren't legal persons."

My point in bringing this up to to show how disingenuous Obama supporters have become in their defense of their candidate.

It is amazing that the simple truth infuriates the abortion apologists. But then isn't it always the case when it comes to abortion. The truth is always the first casualty.

We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident...

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed...."

Self evident truths - unalienable rights - Are these mere words or do we as a people believe them?

Well, according to a recent poll taken on the 4th of July, people do believe in these truths.

So then what are we doing to act consistent with those beliefs?

There is one way that respects that first right - the right to life - and also serves to protect those who are being denied that right by an oppressive and dictatorial court with the conspiratorial support of legislators at the federal and state levels of government.

Get actively involved in the pro-life movement.

What does that mean?

First and foremost it means to pray every day for an end to legal abortion in this country.
It mans praying and then working for the election of men and women who will stand up on behalf of the unborn and recognize that abortion is a denial of basic human rights.

It means voting against pro-abortion and pro-choice candidates - no matter how they try to "soften" their image.

It means financially helping pro-life groups such as Arizona Right to Life.

It means inviting AZRTL to speak at your church group, civic organization or neighborhood gathering on the sanctity of life.

It means checking out our website for the latest in news.

It means living each day with a commitment to speaking up in defense of life.

It means reminding your minister, pastor, priest or rabbi to speak out in support of the right to life from the pulpit and remind your fellow congregants that they too must stand up for the "least of these" our unborn brothers and sisters and their mothers who are being pressured into killing these precious lives.

So this weekend as you join with your fellow Americans to thank God for the blessings of liberty, remember that the fruits of liberty are not won for all our brothers and sisters, that the unborn have been robbed of their rights by a egoistical court, that these are those in this country who would not share the blessings of liberty with their fellow human beings, and that we must continue to declare our independence from this tyranny that would deny the right to life to all our children born and unborn.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Uncovering the Facts in recent TIME poll re McCain and the Catholic vote

On Deal Hudson writes a blog about a Time article by Amy Sullivan concerning the upcoming election and the Catholic vote. From reading the article it would appear that Time Magazine wants Catholics to believe that they can vote for Obama with impunity and without any constrictions. The writer therefore showcases Doug Kmiec, a conservative law professor, former dean, and well known Catholic who appears “hell bent” on making himself the Benedict Arnold of the pro-life movement.

The article suggested that Catholics were evenly split between McCain and Obama and that such polling did not bode well for McCain. Hudson begged to differ and I would agree although maybe for slightly different reasons.

The story pulls up the old canards and reminds everyone of Pastor Hagee's past anti-Catholic statements, ignoring what one could would suggest was a serious step in the improving Catholic-Protestant relations when conversations between Hagee and Bill Donahue of the Catholic took place this Spring. There is also the typical arrogance of such magazines as Time, suggesting that the priests had better be careful or else.

The story also failed to address some of the reasons that this theory was suspect or any person who thought different from Kmiec. But enough of the bias, I was concerned if there was any truth to the story. After all Sullivan referenced a poll done by Time/CNN and as much as I poured over the story, I could not find any of the details. So I clicked on a cgphic and there on the bottom of the page was the source of the data and the polling organization.

There was the headline.Catholic Vote Up For Grabs”

It sounded as though Sullivan was right. Then I read the next paragraph.

"John McCain holds a wide 11-point lead over Barack Obama, 42% to 31%, with 26% undecided among likely Catholic voters, according to the latest national Time Magazine Poll, conducted June 18 – 25."

Sullivan throughout her whole article conveniently ignores this bit of data. She does not even mention this part that likely voters support McCain by 11 points.

It is only when polling all those who state that they are Catholic (and that could include a lot of non-practicing Catholics) one getsthe results that the vote is ‘up for grabs.”

So why the slippery reporting.


Go back to the story’s use of Kmiec. The democrats know that they have to weaken the Catholic vote on the pro-life issue. They know that they cannot attack it straight on or we pro-lifers will just quote Obama as supporting infanticide, Planned Parenthood, PBA, etc.

So the Obama people have decided to dust off Kmiec, quote him as being for Obama and point out how "pro-life" and "Catholic" he is, using the daily mass language, etc.

Next Obama gives a speech on faith based initiatives. The press speaks in glowing terms. Barry Lynn of the ACLU laments Obama’s tack toward the Center and everyone is suppose to believe that he is moving toward reasonableness. Until you read the speech. Until you realize that in Obama’s world, religious and faith based organizations would not be allowed to exercise freedom of speech.


Let me quote directly from my friend Hugh Hewitt

Here's the core of Obama:

He's hard left.

He wants the marginal rate on total federal taxes, including his social security tax hike, to immediately rise at least 57% on the highest earners. Obama wants to raise taxes even in a weak economy, though this is a recipe not just for recession but worse. Obama also wants to raise taxes on dividend income and to return the death tax to its highs of eight years ago.

Obama has proposed more than a trillion dollars in new spending.

Obama wants to cut and run from Iraq, with withdrawals of crucial forces beginning immediately upon his entry into office. Obama has never met one on one with General Petraeus and has not been to Iraq in more than 900 days. He is indifferent to the incredible progress made by our troops and the Iraqi Defense Forces and the Iraqi government in the last 18 months.

He supports the decision extending habeas rights to Gitmo detainees and he thinks the most liberal member of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is a great model for future Supreme Court appointments.

Obama supports gay marriage, and opposes the California constitutional amendment to restore marriage to the definition overturned by a 4-3 vote of the California Supreme Court in May. He supports abortion on demand, including partial birth abortion.

Obama has the slightest grasp on history, and routinely makes the sort of errors about basic facts that shock knowledgeable observers, like arguing the Kennedy-Khrushchev summit in Vienna was an example of the benefits of one-on-one diplomacy.

Obama is not a strong friend of Israel. He spent 20 years in a church that was openly hostile to Israel, and he reversed himself on Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel after one day of criticism by Palestinians.

Obama is running a dirty campaign, and the serial assaults on John McCain's service, most visibly by Wesley Clark but by many others closely associated with Obama, is repulsive. These are not hits by independent 527s but by close associates and advisors of Obama.

Michelle Obama's campaign rhetoric has been very divisive, is full of anger and resentment about "moving the bar," and not being proud of the country, and has led to her high negatives with the public.

Obama's close friends, mentors and associates are deeply troubling: the radical pastor Jeremiah Wright, the unrepentant terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, the convicted swindler Tony Rezko, and now a long line of "public housing developers" who took the money and failed to deliver on promises of safe and secure housing for Obama's poorest constituents.

Obama's judgment on key appointees is suspect, and he has had to fire the head of his vice presidential search team because of ties to the subprime mess and dump numerous "foreign policy advisors" for their hostility to Israel.

Obama's deal with the Teamsters to end federal oversight of the union smells very bad indeed and telegraphs the sort of cronyism we could expect from an Obama Adminsitration. Obama's mentor and real estate partner is Rezko, who helped the Obama's buy their home, a home on which the Obamas received a mortgage that looks to many like a sweetheart deal.

Obama, like the other leaders of the Triple D Democrats --the Don't Drill Democrats-- doesn't care about the price of gas, and refuses every initiative to increase supply and thus bring that price down.

Obama has broken his word on his commitment to public financing of the campaign and to meet John McCain in frequent debates. Obama can't be trusted to keep even high-profile promises he made even only weeks ago.

Away from a teleprompter Obama stumbles and stutters and lapses into a closed circle of cliches that betrays almost no reading or curiosity about the world around him,and a massive ignorance of the war in which we find ourselves. Even when he works from a prompter he says nothing at great length with wonder phrasing but zero substance.

Make no mistake. The national media is going to put an all out push for the election of Barack Hussain Obama. The press and the media hate the Republicans and Bush so much that there will not even be any hint of fairness.

Be prepared. This is going to get ugly.

The latest from Richmond

As a follow-up to my previous post, there is a story on Catholic News Agency
reporting that the Bishop of Richmond, when told of the planned abortion, specifically said to his aides that he forbade it to happen. Yet it did. We know learn that the child had been placed in a foster home, had a previous child and was sexually active. According to news sources, the Commonwealth Catholic Charities employees had fitted her with a birth control device. This means that they knew she was sexually active.

So what has happened to date?

An investigation continues.

Four employees have been fired.

Will the Bishop direct a review of all procedures at CCC?
Will the Bishop require each and every employee in the diocese to sign a statement agreeing to adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church?

What will be the fallout throughout the country?

Or will everything return to business as usual?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

a tragedy screaming for answers

Have any of you read about the tragic events that occurred in Virginia? It seems from the stories making the news that a Richmond Catholic Charities facilitated an abortion of a young Guatemalan girl who was a ward of the court. We still do not know many details and what we do know is very disturbing. Here are the limited facts as we know them. The 16 girl was a ward of the Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement and in the custody of Catholic Charities. Apparently the abortion took place in January of this year. Federal authorities learned of the incident and began an investigation. Four employees have been fired and one manager has been suspended according to a secret April 29 letter detailing the events which were reported in the Wanderer, a Catholic national newspaper. What then was later disclosed is that the bishop was aware of the plan to take her for an abortion and did nothing to stop it.

My frustration at reading this article bubbled into anger at the failure of people to stop something like this. when i think of what we try to do to stop the killing throughout the nation, the idea that a Catholic operation would even have considered or permitted this to happen is appalling. And here is a little sidebar. The counselors had "fitted" the girl with a contraceptive devise two months previous to the abortion.

The bishop's own admission in his letter addressing the issue only raises more questions. Who told him that it had to happen? Who was responsible for the procurement of the procedure? Where did it happen? Why did he not get up an try to personally stop it?

An opinion piece on Spero News by Mary Ann Kreitzer asks similar questions.

This event reminds us that the leadership of the USCCB has much to explain. It further tells us that the bureaucratic operations in the Church throughout the country need to have a crash course in Catholic teaching. It is totally inexcusable that an employee of any Catholic Charities would even consider doing what was done in Virginia.

And here is the topper - what was done violates state and federal law.

When I think back at the 1999 case of the 14 year old who was whisked off to Kansas to have a later term abortion while our governor was the attorney general, it becomes even more distressing.

I wonder who got the girl pregnant. And did the employees who arranged for the abortion know his identity? and given that the child was 16, his contact with her is a violation of the criminal law as well.

Stay tuned.

Continuing Pro-life Education

For those who surf the net, there are many pro-life websites with a lot of interesting information that can be of use both immediately and in the future. Of course I would first suggest that you make Arizona Right to Life your homepage. This will allow you to read the news of the day that relates to the pro-life movement across the country and throughout the world. and note if anything of critical importance is happening.

Then of course one may want to check out for a compendium of pro-life blog sites and posts relating to the days events.

Checking out the latest work of Virtuemedia or reviewing the latest efforts by Students for Life or the Second Look Project will give you hope. Indeed realizing how much is going on throughout the country on the pro-life front is one of the reasons that I continue to have hope both for the short term, i.e. the elections, and the long term.

Our own efforts in the valley were reflected in the leadership education series that AZRTL and LEC have collaborated to present to pro-life and pro-family organizations. We successfully held our first forum on June 28, 2008. I want to thank Trent and Melanie for a job well done.

So check out the good work going on around the country and then join us at Arizona Right to Life as we dedicate ourselves to the daily work of protecting, promoting and defending the right to life, one child at a time.