Monday, January 25, 2010

Arizona Right to Life March and Rally for Life - A GREAT SUCCESS

Those of you who joined us for the Annual March and Rally for life were not disappointed yesterday. A beautiful day marked the occasion and a healthy crowd of thousands gathered at Steele Park in Phoenix to hear Senator Jon Kyl, Governor Jan Brewer, Congressmen, Franks and Shadegg and a number of other pro-life leaders speak about their conviction and their involvement with right to life. Once again we showcased the importance of our young people who are the next generation of leadership.

Check out the Arizona Pro-life rally website for pictures of the event.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


HUGE. That is all I can say. The largest in recent memory. Some informal estimates at 300,000. In my humble opinion, there were more like 500,000 people attending the March. Pro-lifers swarmed Washington D.C. on a cool but rain free day. The sun even came out at the end of the day while the women from Silent No More gave their testimony.

Of course there was little media coverage. What can one expect of a dying industry?

More later.

See you all at the Phoenix March at Steele Park.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday - March and Rally in Phoenix

Just a reminder that the Annual Arizona Pro-life March and Rally will be on January 24, 2010.
Please go to our special page for the details.

Senator Kyl, Congressmen Shaddegg and Franks, along with the Governor Brewer, and other elected officials will be there to show their commitment to the right to life for all persons.

Please join me in standing up for life. Together we can make a difference. That difference means everything to the child who is born.

Tucson Right to Life March and Rally - a success

Just a note to congratulate all those right to lifers in Tucson who marched 4.5 miles from downtown Tucson to Holy Hope Cemetery to remember the tragic loss of life due to abortion over the last 37 years.

Credit belongs to Kelly and Barbara Copeland, their family, and the many volunteers who assisted them along with John Tabor of the local CPC, and Sunny Turner, one of our chapter leaders. A special thanks to Bishop Kicanas who not only celebrated a beautiful mass at the Cathedral before the march and gave a wonderful homily, but who also joined the thousands who marched to the cemetery.

A most fitting end to the event was the reading of each year that abortion has been legal in the nation, during which time someone would place a single red rose before the memorial monument while a single bell would toll. After the thirty seven roses wee placed, a single white rose was laid down by a mother with child who will deliver her baby in 2010. White doves were then released and a final prayer was said.

I was very proud to have been a part of the event, was moved by the remarks of the various speakers and felt privileged to have been able to address the crowd.

Congratulations, Tucson. Now on to electing pro-life representatives who will respect the right to life of all people, born and unborn.

Events in Massachusetts

By now everyone has been reading about the special election to fill the U.S. senate seat recently vacated following the death of Edward Kennedy. The Democrats filled the position with a lackey named Kirk who pledged not to run in the special election. This was suppose to be Martha Coakley's seat. After all she was the state attorney general and it was her turn. The Democrats own the seat and we all want to honor old Teddy, right?

Well, someone forgot to tell Scott Brown the Republican nominee. At first he was going to be the typical sacrificial lamb offered by by a lack luster remnant of what republican politics in the Northeast had once been. Then again someone also forgot to tell the people of Massachusetts - still think that their vote ought to mean something.

Now clear us be clear. Brown is not pro-life and he has a lot to learn on the issue. But he will be better than Coakley who is an Emily's list and Planned Parenthood affectionado. Sher responded in an interview asking about conscience rights of Catholic health care workers that “You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room.” So in addition to being an elitist, she has an anti-Catholic prejudice.

Brown opposes ObamaCare, pledges to be the 41st vote against it, does not want tax dollars going for abortion and supports parental notification laws. Coakley is calling him "anti-choice." Well he may not be there yet, but if the left pushes hard enough, they may push him right into a pro-life position.

We like true converts. Here is an opportunity to win one and establish lines of real communication.

The results of this election could be the beginning of something big.