Friday, July 24, 2009

Urgent - House to Vote on Pence Amemdment. Action Required.

Urgent - Vote on Pence amendment today - ACTION ITEM

This morning, the House will vote on a Pence Amendment that would strip Planned Parenthood of its $350 million in taxpayer funding.

This is going to be a great preview for us to see which blue dog Democrats in the House are serious about keeping abortion funding out of the health care bill and which democrats are willing to listen to the pressure of their constituents regardless of their public position on abortion.

Please follow the steps below ASAP.

Thank you, you are the only lobbyists in Washington the unborn have


1. Call Harry Mitchell's' office at (202) 225-2190 He represents CD5.

2. Call Ed Pastor's office at (202) 225-4065 He represents CD4.

3. Call Raul Grijalva's office at (202) 225-2435 He represents CD7.

4. Call Gabrielle Gifford's office at (202) 225-2542 She represents CD8.

5. Tell the staff member who answers the phone that you are a constituent if that is correct or that you live in Arizona. You want the representative to vote YES on the Pence Amendment to De-Fund Planned Parenthood, because you do not want your tax dollars funding the largest abortion provider in America.

6. Please also call the Republican members of the Arizona delegation as well. All are on record as supporting the Pence Amendment. However it is always good to remind them that 80% of the American people do not want their tax dollars going to fund Planned Parenthood.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A call to arms and making telephone calls, too

So here is the latest on "Obamacare" and the drive by the White House and the Democratic leadership in Congress to force taxpayer funded abortions down the country's throat.

First the efforts by the Pro-life community nationwide to get out the message appear to be working. The telephones lines in congressional offices are being clogged with angry voters who are very upset that abortion has found its way into this bill. This concern only adds to the public's increasing fears that the massive spending will completely overwhelm the system. so my first admonition is to continue to call and ask others to make their concerns known as well.

Second, the fears of certain congressional representatives that this massive spending and takeover by the government of a key component of our economic and social lives has forced the leadership to consider the likelihood that there will not be nay vote taking place before the August recess. This opportunity to have the elected representatives back home to hear the anger of the voters over the irresponsible behavior of the Congress means that we have to make our voices very clear in this regard. For us in Arizona, that means putting pressure on Harry Mitchell in District 5, Ed Pastor in CD4, Giffords in CD8 and Grijalva in CD7. And it would be well advised to contact the other four to show support for their efforts to oppose this massive government takeover.

Over 1000 pages. Who has had time to look at it? Yet they are trying to force it through before the public knows what is happening. Is it a mere coincidence that much of the country is taking time out fore vacations and other family related events?

Is it so very interesting that all of the rhetoric by Obama on how his administration would be transparent and fully informing the public is so much garbage?

Is the fact that he just lied to the pope about wanting top reduce abortions while contemporaneously supporting public funding of abortions for the District of Columbia speak at all to the the hundreds of thousands who were duped into listening to little old priests who were enamored with the history of electing the first black president?

Does it now make perfect sense why Planned Parenthood has been building these massive abortion mills in various states?

No one listened - or should I say not enough voters listened. and now between health care that would require abortion coverage and DC abortion funding, and efforts to eliminate the Hyde Amendment (and do not forget FOCA), we are at a major crossroads. All of us must get involved and do something. Call your representative. Call your neighbor. Explain what is happening. and if they do not like listening, do not stop. Continue to tell the truth about this assault on our liberties and freedoms.

Realize that your action is needed. Your involvement is needed. If you care about the future of this nation, now is the time for all good people to come to he aid of their country.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Arizona governor signs pro-life legislation

Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed three bills today that each address the abortion issue. Each bill addressed some aspect of the abortion issue, primarily providing additional protections to women contemplating a procedure that once was a felony before the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion for the entire nine months of a woman’s pregnancy.

The three bills passed by strong majorities in the state legislature require women be informed of the risks of an abortion the doctor performing the abortion. Further the woman is given 24 hours to insure that the decision is made without any coercion. The bill also strengthens the parental consent provisions and protects the rights of conscience of health care workers.

The governor also signed a state ban on the partial birth abortion procedure. This statute is consistent with the federal ban that was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The third bill prevents anyone other than a physician from performing an abortion. This legislation became necessary after the Arizona Board of Nursing in an extreme form of bravado decided that performing abortions was within the nurse practitioners scope and practice. This decision followed the so-called investigation of a nurse practitioner Mary Andrews who was employed by Planned Parenthood performing abortions in Tucson. The Nursing Board gave cover to Planned Parenthood in failing to admonish her or Planned Parenthood in any way and then dismissing the complaint.

The actions of the governor were in stark contrast to the last eight years of former governor Janet Napolitano whose extreme pro-abortion record resulted in vetoes of various versions of the bills just signed into law.

Arizona Right to Life and the entire pro-life community thank the governor for signing the three pieces of legislation.

AZRTL also commends the diligent efforts of Cathi Herrod of the Center of Arizona Policy and Ron Johnson of the Arizona Catholic Conference in obtaining passage of these bills during a most unusual legislative session.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sarah Palin – surprise move

Almost everyone with any sense of decency knows that the constant media assault on the life, character and family of Sarah Palin is one of the embarrassing chapters of the modern era in politics. It was bad enough during the 2008 campaign, but the continued attacks only confirmed the popular wisdom that the Left really fears what this woman could do in the future. So it was necessary to destroy her and send a signal to anyone like her to stay out of politics.

I will admit that my initial advice after the November elections was to go back to Alaska, continue the good work being done, make an occasional visit to the “lower 48” for some “face time” and “chill out.” Apparently that was never possible.

New reports are surfacing that not only enemies across the aisle, but also competitors for the Republican base were in Alaska full time trying to turn up something that would be fatal to any effort to run for higher office in the future. The stories of the millions of dollars spent defending bogus charges and costing the people of Alaska not only time and money but also the attention of those elected to serve the state apparently was more than this governor could handle. Perhaps the additional down side of not being able to be a wife and mother as she had done before also weighed heavily on her mind. So she decided to step down.

And she surprised everyone.

And for the last week she has been the major story, the subject of so many blogs and news articles and commentaries, most of which have attacked her for “quitting” or trying to read the tea leaves as to what she is going to do.

My thoughts are as follows.

1. If she thinks it is in the best interests of Alaska to resign and get the state of the crazy merry-go-round of a national media circus, and her successor can do the job, then why put up with the insanity.

2. If her concerns for her family life and a small desire to have even a little bit of normalcy means stepping down, along with the comments above, then by all means do it. Re-claim your life.

3. If she does have national ambitions, then being able to focus first on the family and then do some speaking and traveling without the burdens of the governor’s position would seem to be both fair to her, her family and the state.

4. I have a lot of respect for her abilities. She became governor against the odds. She did pretty well despite what the media and some disgruntled “loser” McCain staffers state. I do not know of many politicians who could stand up to such scrutiny.

As someone who held sacred the right to life, her position on abortion was the compelling reason for the media assassination of her character. Had she been ‘pro-choice,’ she would have been the media’s darling. But no, here was a successful political figure that not only defeated one of the most serious political machines in the country, but was very popular with a lot of people. She had the “it” that one speaks of in celebrities. She could not be allowed to become a poplar national figure. In the media’s eyes, she had to go.

Well she is gone… but not really. And it will be interesting to see what comes next.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Standing up for one’s independence – What are you willing to do?

2009 – The 4th of July. Time for getting together with friends, stoking up the grill, watching fireworks enjoying a moment in the middle of summer to thank God for the blessings of liberty

So what are you going to do to preserve this way of life that has given us so much and demanded of us so little?

Are you going to ignore the problems of the day and simply put your head in the sand?

To quote the line from the musical 1776, “Does anyone care? Is anyone there?”

Our freedoms and our liberties are based upon a concept that was enshrined in the Declaration of Independence.

Yet many of our leaders and representatives have totally ignored this basic principle. Many in every day life do not want to discuss this concept calling the subject – divisive.
Ask your priest or minister to preach on the subject and the response is that everyone has an opinion and why should he ruffle feathers.

But you and I are not going to ignore the clarion call to defend freedom.

You and I are willing to stand up for the basic and fundamental of all rights – the right to LIFE.

You and I understand that our children will look back during this bleak period of contradiction and ask what we did to stop the killing.

And as we look back at our founding fathers and all those who stood and defended with their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, the dream of liberty and the concept of real freedom, so too future generations will thank you for being there, for sacrificing your time, your talent, and your treasure, to defend the right to life, to act to make a difference, They will speak with awe and appreciation how you were not afraid to challenge the current culture, that you refused to let those who hate life destroy it for the next generation. You will be heroes to those who come after you because you cared.

I watched a movie the other day with my boys called “The Guardian.” It is a story about the training of US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers. Only the best of the best can even apply. The Captain addresses them and tells them that half will not make it through the training. Those who do succeed will then get the duty of placing themselves in life threatening situations in the hostile open sea for “the chance to save a life.”

Today as we recommit ourselves to the cause of life, be thankful that you have this opportunity to “save a life.” Never doubt what God can do through the willingness of one person to serve His cause. In charity let us help one another to be strong in the spirit of our American independence.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Planned Parenthood admits to avoiding law on mandatory reporting

In another expose of the most corrupt criminal organization to ever claim to be a health care provider, Live Action has publicly released tapes revealing that Planned Parenthood officials in Alabama routinely avoid compliance with the state's mandatory reporting laws. Planned Parenthood employees admitted on tape that they will "bend the rule" when it comes to reporting sexual abuse of minors.

Of course none of this is strange to us in Arizona. In exposing both the Tucson and Phoenix abortion clinics this spring to charges of failing to report child abuse under Arizona's own reporting statute, Live Action made the news and prompted an investigation by the Maricops Attorney's office.

We applaud Lila Rose and her team of investigative reporters for doing what the mainstream media has avoided for years - telling the truth on the subject of abortion.