Saturday, July 31, 2010

The miracle that is Melanie

Those of us in the pro-life movement will speak about every human life being a miracle of God. We say it so many times that it is easy for the meaning of the words to become lost on us or even worse to take for granted the unique gift that is every human life and what God intends for that person should he or she seek to do His will.
Our energy and focus on stopping the killing that goes on all around us and our efforts to educate our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens can be draining and often frustrating. The infighting, the failure to treat people with respect, the sometimes deliberate attacks on well meaning efforts, will drive people away and tempt them to give up the fight.

So when a crisis occurs that requires us to direct our attention toward that which is most important, it is amazing to see the hand of God at work.

Melanie Pritchard is a dynamic young woman whom I have had been privileged to work with for many years now. I watched how her passion for the right to life developed and how her enthusiasm for teaching young people to respect themselves, their lives and others infected her friends and students such that they became ambassadors for the pro-life message. I witnessed her love for Doug and how their beautiful relationship led to marriage and children. Watching her be mom was a kick. As I saw my own two daughters grow into examples of Christian women, so i saw Melanie become an example of what happens when we say yes to God.

So it was only too shocking when I received a call from Melanie's mother, Sherry, telling me of the crisis of events and that Melanie was near death after the trauma during labor and delivery.


That was all we could do. Pass the word for everyone to pray. And so we did. And so we all did. And by the grace and mercy of God. our prayers were answered.

I saw Melanie this afternoon. She is awake, alert, making jokes, eating, sitting up and still in need of our prayers. Her heart is "tired" after all this trauma and needs to get stronger. Her surgery is still very painful. But her determination is inspiring. As the saying goes, she isn't out of the woods yet. So please pray for her and Doug and the family. Pray for her parents Jim and Sherry and for Sherry's parents who have serious health issues. Pray for the doctors and nurses who have been and are caring for her. Please give thanks to Almighty God for her life and those who were there to assist and treat her. And a special thanks to God for Melanie's brother Larry, who was able to advise and act in ways to get her the advanced medical care she needed.

But most important pray that throughout this nation we may once again value and cherish every human life as those of us who know Melanie cherish her. Think about those in your family and take a moment to reconcile any issues that are separating you from them. Forgive any grievances and ask forgiveness for any hurts you have caused along the way. Realize that God loves us through others and we in turn express the love of God when we love one another. In thanking God for His mercy in healing Melanie and bringing us all through this situation, let us use this moment to become better people; first in our homes, then in our schools, our churches, and at work. Let us recommit ourselves to defending innocent human life at all stages, at all times, in all situations. Let us be about the work that God has intended.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

More State Pro-life legislation passes - this time - Louisiana

Governor Bobby Jindal signed three pro-life pieces of legislation that will add strict ultrasound requirements to the state’s informed consent laws.  The first law, passed by an overwhelming margin of 79-1, will require abortion facilities to perform an ultrasound on a woman at least two hours prior to an abortion. What is important is that this must be done before she is put under any kind of anesthesia.The second bill essentially guarantees that the HHS secretary will have the same authority over abortion clinics as he has over the licensing of hospitals and their continued operation in that state. This law also passed overwhelmingly by the Louisiana State legislature gives the Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary the power to “deny, refuse, or revoke” the operating licenses of outpatient abortion facilities, when their licensed owner has violated the law. This includes “any provision of the law, any rule, or state or federal regulation pertaining to the licensing of outpatient abortion facilities.”

The third law makes the state opt out of abortion coverage called for in the health-care reform law.
Louisiana is the fourth state to adopt opt-out legislation, a provision in the health-care reform bill that allows states to decide to exclude elective abortion coverage from being offered on the state health insurance exchanges due to begin operating in 2014. The legislation has exemptions for rare cases where the mother's life is in danger from "a physical disorder, physical illness, or physical injury" including "a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself." Louisiana follows the actions of  Arizona, Mississippi and Tennessee.  Missouri has passed a similar bill that is awaiting the governor's review. (h/t - the Hill)

Obama Recess Appointment Favors "Rationing"

Barak Obama's recess appointment to become the director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the office that oversees government health care programs, has stirred criticism not only from Republican leaders but from Democrat Senators as well. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) on Wednesday blasted the Obama administration for sidestepping Congress, stating,  "Senate confirmation of presidential appointees is an essential process prescribed by the Constitution that serves as a check on executive power and protects Montanans and all Americans by ensuring that crucial questions are asked of the nominee — and answered.,"

Calling the nominee an "expert on rationing," Republicans are denouncing the president's actions.  Pro-life leaders also condemned the nomination when initially announced in May. In the May 27, 2010 Life News, it was reported that Wesley J. Smith, opposes Berwick. Berwick is an outspoken admirer of the British National Health Service and its rationing arm, the National Institute for Clinical Effectiveness (NICE). Smith has frequently condemned this approach to health care.

Jake Tapper of ABC NEWS reports of an  interview last year with Biotechnology Healthcare, where Berwick said society makes decisions about rationing all the time, and that the "decision is not whether or not we will ration care -- the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open. And right now, we are doing it blindly."

Berwick has been quoted as saying that "the one thing the NHS is good at is saving money. After all, it is far cheaper to let the sick die than to provide care."

Pro-life advocates, including Sarah Palin, have condemned ObamaCare as being a tool to introduce rationing in to mainstream medical care management.  While criticized roundly for speaking about "death panels," it would appear that Palin and other pro-life activists are right. 

It would seem that the way this administration is going to deal with the social security and medicare problem is to ration care and eliminate the elderly and those dependent on receiving medical care for survival or longevity. 
Only the outright repeal of ObamaCare will allow for protection of those medically dependent and disabled as well as the elderly.  Find out for yourself if both of your Senators and your House Representative support the  repeal of ObamaCare.