Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Game On

Here is a great new song sweeping the nation in support for Rick Santorum. . The Harris family has eight children and the two daughters singing the song remind me of my two daughters when they used to sing together.

The song reflects the growing popularity of the Santorum message - a positive, hopeful grassroots recognition of all that is good about America and a willingness to stand up and defend the principles that made this nation great - Faith, Family, and Freedom - all underscored by  respect for the dignity of every human person and their right to life from conception through natural death.

So enjoy the song.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Republican Primary - Now It Is a Two Man Race - Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney

When the dust settled and the last of the pundits finished their columns and blogs this morning, it was clear that the Republican primary has been and now continues to be a two man race. Mitt Romney, the front runner and heir apparent according to the Washington-New York-Boston Beltway, defeated Ron Paul in Virginia and easily won Vermont and Massachusetts. According to the last glance in Ohio, he had eked out a razor slim victory after outspending his opponents as much as six to one. His 38 per cent win meant that 62 pr cent of the Republicans who voted do not want him as the nominee.  Romney has still not sealed the deal and his inability to close can only raise more questions as to what he truly believes and how he can connect with the average Republican voter. He did improve his position as the candidate who could defeat Obama and among those who voted for him, it is clear that was the main  reason for even considering him.

Rick Santorum continues to impress with victories in Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota. his campaign excites the passions of those who act the role of true believers. His campaign  shows signs of greater sophistication. However his lead in Ohio disappeared when the Romney machine went to work over the weekend. While he must be pleased with his performance, he cannot help but be frustrated on what could have been a clear victory but for the Newt contingency. hose states next on the list give him a great opportunity to prove he has the ability to take it all the way to the convention.

As for Newt, he needs to realize tat he continued presence in the race will only serve to help Mitt Romney. This is the same Mitt Romney that Newt battled and lost to in Florida in a contest that became pretty ugly. And there is no love lost between the Governor and the Speaker.

So why does Newt continue?

If he thinks that he can pull something out over the next month, he is sadly mistaken. He iwll not be the consensus candidate in a brokered convention. He is not going to win. Republicans do not think he can beat Obama. He has too much baggage.  And while he has helped frame the issues and sometimes put the media on its heels, it is time to end his race.  He could wait before endorsing anyone, though an endorsement of Rick's candidacy would insure him a role in the future and perhaps a cabinet post of some kind. But he needs to realize that for the good of the party, now is the time for him to announce that he is suspending the race.

Rick Santorum is the only candidate who can challenge Obama on Obama care.  He is the only candidate who can appeal to blue collar and Reagan Democrat voters. He can focus not only on the economy and jobs but also the threats in the Middle East. Finally he reminds us that liberty is at stake. He paints a compelling picture of why we must stop the encroaching federal government which will overshadow everything we do if we do not stop it now.

Rick Santorum can go toe to toe with Obama. First he needs to go toe to toe with Romney. Then the Republican party can see his metal and who is indeed the best man to challenge Barack Obama.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Attracting the Common Man - Rick Santorum

There is no doubt that the establishment within the Republican Party does not want Rick Santorum to win the nomination. The attacks on him be the media and the pundits, the misrepresentation of his positions, the millions spent by his opponents have been like a Tsunami over the last two weeks since the last debate. And yet the fellow who braved the cold Iowa winter to keep that commitment to visit every on of the 99 counties continues to stand and proclaim that the people of America deserve a real choice when electing the next president.

Mitt Romney had to outspend Rick Santorum 6 to 1 to barely win the popular vote in Michigan. at this moment he has probably outspent him 12 to 1 as we approach Super Tuesday. some people will give the Romney campaign credit for amassing such a war-chest.   But Rick Santorum is getting support from the people as well. It may not be in the million dollar bracket but it is coming form thousand upon thousands of Americans who are digging deep and saying that we believe in the importance of both social and economic conservatism.

The average American realizes that both economic and social concerns must be addressed by the nominee. There is a connection between the problems in our economy and the challenges to the family.  Of the current crop of presidential candidates, who really understands that connection? Seriously, who has an awareness borne from real life experience?  And who is is that can confront the current occupant of the white House adn challenge him on behalf of the American people?  There is one man who can answerthe call without any distractions and that man is Rick Santorum.

He does not have the albatross called Romney Care.  He does not allow the Obama machine to play the class warfare card. He understands Washington, D.C. well enough to challenge the conventional wisdom.

Certainly Rick has his challenges and the media had attacked him for those already. But compared to the other candidates,  he is pretty clean. His approach to tackling the budget resonates with average Americans. SPEND less. He wants to actually spend less money each year for the next five years as opposed to merely reducing the automatic increases that have put the country on the brink of economic disaster.

He will address the need to help re-build our manufacturing base. He will make sound judicial appointments. He will no longer fund abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood. He will reverse and repeal Obama-Care. He will put people in government who respect our men and women in uniform. And the military will no longer be a place for liberal leftist social engineering that attacks our basic foundational beliefs - such as the historic understanding of the definition of marriage. finally he will respect the right of every American to practice his or her religion without coercion form big Brother.

Common sense. Respecting our fundamental freedoms such as the right to life, liberty and private property ownership. This is what Rick stands for. He will not have government dictating that we have to buy insurance, or anything else for that matter. he believes in a smaller government that is there to support our opportunities to reach for the American dream.

Come November we need a clear alternative to the socialist who occupies the White House. 

Vote Rick Santorum.