Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some Good things happening in the States

Take a minute,forget mainstream media nonsense about congressional body parts, obsessions with an out-of-touch president, or narcissistic media talking heads, and look at what legislatures are doing throughout the nation.

In Texas
In Alabama
In North Carolina
In Louisiana
In Indiana
In Pennsylvania
In Tennessee

This is just the news this past week.

Now granted some of the stories are about one house in a particular state legislature passing the bill and there is still the effort to get the bill through both houses, but the energy throughout the country at the state level by right to life is very encouraging.

Keep posted as we continue efforts here to inform you of efforts to de-fund Planned Parenthood at the state and federal level and hold them accountable for the slaughter of the innocents. (h/t

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Good talking points

I always like to read about logical responses to the pro-abortion arguments. In a blog of a dear friend, she asks some good questions and then proceeds to explain the confusion that the pro-aborts create by their nonsensical positions. Little Catholic Bubble is another blog you should bookmark and check out often.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Food for Thought

Having been so very busy this last month, there have been many subjects that I have passed by in the news that others far more articulate than myself have been fortunately able to address.

But having taken a moment to post some important updates, and the interest of passing on some very good comments written by some dear friends, here are a few random - and not so random - stories for you to read.

From the pen of Matt Bowman over at CatholicVote, an article addressing the Obama apologists who are attempting to sell him once again to Catholics. Ignore the sound of HHS threatening the State of Indiana for daring to stop funding Planned Parenthood. Obama is a friend to all those who expect a "get out of jail card" free.

From our favorite professor at Boston College (maybe the only one we like) Peter Kreeft, a reminder of who the real enemy is in this world.

And finally some good news from Troy Newman at Operation Rescue on a great way someone used modern technology. A baby saved by the use of texting. Read about the heroes in this story.

Now - time to head for home.

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Keeping it real - part 1

So much of the time it is easy to get so caught up in what we are doing, whether it is the organizing, the meetings, the speeches, that we forget to 'keep it real.'

Given that it happens to us all, i thought I would remind myself (and therefore anyone who reads this post) that our concern for the woman who has been involved in an abortion must be real such that we can and willing to offer her real options to deal with any post abortion grief.

One excellent way to do this practically is to know and understand Rachel's Vineyard and to be aware of the various retreats that happen both here in Arizona as well as around the nation.

In addition to the excellent counseling and holistic approach that combines an appreciation of both the pain being suffered and the importance of restoration, the program is staffed in many cases by women who have been through the healing process.

Pray for Rachel's Vineyard and the important work they do.