Monday, January 26, 2009


I promised myself that I would find out how many marched this past Thursday for the March For Life.
Well the Park Service and a private analyst both stated that over 300,000 marched in Washington at the 28th annual March for Life. What was even more astounding was that the media actually reported the size of the crowd as over 300,000.

The moos as i reported before was defiant and upbeat. The folks marching, whether young or old, were not willing to concede the field. Indeed, the sense I got from the crowd was that the masses of Pro-Lifers who participated were ready to return home, roll up their sleeves and continue the difficult though rewarding work of building up the movement.

Of course our own local press ignored the event for the most part. But we who have been active for any length of time just shake our heads and move on.

As the next few days pass, I will add to these thoughts and reflect on where we as a movement need to move, ands how were get there.

More later.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22, 2009 Reporting from Washington, D.C.

As I walked along an abbreviated March for Life in balmy weather, i was once again struck by the energy and optimism of the pro-life movement as the hundreds of thousands gathered in the nation's capitol to pray for and end to this American Holocaust and to protest the apathy of the American people and the government over this terrible evil eroding the the foundation of this country.

In past years the March has started either at 14th and Constitution or at 7th and Constitution. This year the Park Service told the organizers that due to the inaugural clean-up, the March would have to start at 4th Ave. No Matter. Over 300,000 thousand people descended upon Washington D.C. and drew strength from the consistent message that the movement must take this time to build at the grass roots.

The sense of purpose was also echoed by the speakers and various pro-life leaders. All of us realize that the efforts to change hearts are not affected by the change in administration. If anything, the presence of an adversary demands a greater commitment to the life principles and the need to advance them in the public square.

More tomorrow - but for now all I can say is that there is much work to do and we need to get about doing it.

Friday, January 02, 2009

helping Maggie's Place

Maggie's Place recently had a fire at at main house and we should pray for their efforts to get things back to normal. Things are underway to help out. Please read the attached letter and do what you can.


Dear Maggie's Place extended community,

The Magdalene House, our first home located in downtown Phoenix, has experienced a tragic electrical fire in the attic around 1 am on Wednesday morning, leaving the house in need of massive repair. All of the moms, babies, and staff were evacuated from the house immediately and no one experienced any injury. The Red Cross responded with generosity in meeting the immediate housing and food needs of our home, allowing us time to formulate a plan.

This home holds many dear memories, having been the place of our founding and having welcomed hundreds of moms and babies into a safe and loving environment. We find ourselves experiencing heartache to see the house in despair.

As word of the fire has spread, many have enquired about how to be of assistance. Below we have included some thoughts. We will share additional information as it becomes available.

Immediate Needs:
1. 30 volunteers for a Work Day on Saturday, Jan 3 from 9 am til 1 pm. Please

RSVP to or (602) 262-5555 in order to avoid having too many volunteers. Address and directions will be sent with confirmation of RSVP. Please bring trucks, wheelbarrows/handcarts and work gloves if you have them available. Work will be dirty and will involve lifting. No children please. Please note that while the house is not structurally dangerous, some renovation efforts are already underway. We are asking that volunteers come alert and able to be fully engaged with the cautions and tasks at hand.

2. Simple meals to be delivered to the temporary housing for The Magdalene House community. Meals to be coordinated by Miranda at or (440) 212-0531 (Temporary Number). Please note that there is no refrigeration or stove available.

3. Prayers for the fortitude, patience, and peace of all involved, especially the members of The Magdalene House community.

4. Patience as we continue to formulate a plan and address the needs of our community during this difficult and unexpected event.

Long-term Needs:
1. Room sponsors for each room of The Magdalene House. Room sponsorship involves coordinating paint, furniture, and basic furnishings. Items need to be durable and in good condition but not new. If you or your group are interested in helping in this way, please email at

The Magdalene House was covered by the property insurance of Maggie's Place however, we are always grateful for your contributions to our work. Contributions can be made online at or via mail by sending a check to Maggie's Place at PO Box 1102, Phoenix, AZ 85001.

The Magdalene House will not be aceepting in-kind donations until further notice. In-kind donations can be redirected to The Elizabeth House in Tempe or The Michael House in Glendale. We are in the process of redirecting the phones from The Magdalene House. In the interim, calls can be directed to The Fiat House, (602) 262-5555 or (440) 212-0531. We appreciate the support of our extended community in helping The Magdalene House rebuild their home.

With gratitude,

Mary E. Peterson, Executive Director and Co-Founder

Caroline Kennedy - continuing the pro-death tradition

Anne Hendershott has an article in the Wall Street Journal that identifies Caroline Kennedy as a next generation pro-abortion Kennedy. Of course she just joins her cousins and uncle who have made their mark supporting the death of innocents while claiming the mantle of the the modern American Catholic. The scandal of the Kennedy family, with the noted exception of Eunice Shriver, has been ignored by most of the Church hierarchy and the resulting damage has been as detrimental to the Church's public persona as the recent scandals involving church personnel and their inability to control keep their vows and obey the teachings of the Church.

Of course for the last fifty years we have been treated to the public double standard reflected in the media. There are the Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Chris Matthews types who are "enlightened" according to the press and then the "bishops" (arguably the orthodox ones) who should either shut up or bend to the times or get relevant or admit that the teachings need to change... Well you get the idea.

Yet the recent actions by the local bishop of Phoenix in addressing the ongoing scandal caused by a formerly popular local priest is a lesson for the other ordinaries in the country as they deal with the souls of errant political figures who claim the Catholic affiliation.

Simply stated, if we Catholics believe that a Catholic (or indeed anyone) who endorses or supports or votes for acts, bills or measures that will advance, support or continue a material evil and that cooperation with said evil would have an eternally debilitating effect on one's soul, it would be the height of charity (for you liberals that means real love), to deny the person the sacraments, publicly excommunicate him or her, and beg them to repent in order to save their own soul.

After all it would be very mean to leave them to their own perdition and for them to have to totally rely on the mercy of God, who would have to balance the 50 million souls murdered by the abortion industry, when all they would have to do is repent of the sin of supporting abortion and begin to support protecting all innocent human life.

That is - unless they believe they do not have to - or they believe it does not matter. or they just don't believe.

in that case God will be their judge.

And as the judge use to say to the condemned prisoner - May God have mercy on your soul.

New Year's Resolutions

Everyone talks about New Year's Resolutions. Perhaps those of us in the pro-life movement should resolve to realize the urgency of our cause, the importance of charity in all that we do and the critical need to educate those who do not want to think about the issue.

I know many of us already sense the urgency of what we have to do. every life that is at risk hangs in the balance. Each of us should offer our days in prayer so that the people of this nation will have a change of heart.

As much as we need to pray for our political leaders, that they will recognize their duty to protect all innocent human life, we must focus on the members of the U.S. Supreme Court and especially Justice Kennedy. He needs our prayers as do all of the members ofthe court.

Finally, ask yourself what more can you and your family do for the lives of these children and their mothers. Perhaps it is an extra prayer each day. Perhaps you can join those in front of the mills offering hope to scared women who deep down do not want to go through with the abortion.

In the end, what you and I do will make a difference. Remember that each day.

Happy New Year.