Friday, December 24, 2010

Choosing Life - this Christmas

It seems that some people are upset about Bishop Thomas Olmsted's statements and action concerning St. Joseph's hospital in light of their refusal to recognize his moral authority to speak for the Catholic Church and her doctrine on the issue of respect for human life.

Why is anyone surprised?

Last year when the bishops spoke out against the abortion provisions of the Obama health care plan, the same folks attacked the Church and those who spoke in defense of life. The same people who defended Obama are now attacking this bishop.

Then there are those who do not understand the situation who are going to be confused by the media accounts who will question the bishop's decision.

Lets be clear. There are always two patients during a pregnancy. Each has an equal dignity as a human person to the best care and treatment possible. No one should ever set up a scenario where one would argue the "ethical" or "moral" right to kill one over the other. The only moral principle is to treat them both in the best manner possible. Is it possible in the case being discussed? Well according to a doctor in Milwaukee, it is. She has had 100% success with her patients.

So consider the irony of a nation that "celebrates" Christmas and still allows 3500 abortions a day.

Over 1 million a year.

Over 40 million since Roe v. Wade.

As you go to prat this Christmas Eve or tomorrow on Christmas day, please, please please, pray for an end to this holocaust. Please ask God for mercy on this nation and on the whole the world. Think about the manner in which God chose to show His infinite mercy and love - through the birth of His Son. A child is born unto us, a Son is given. Upon Him dominion rests. Let us realize the profound message of His coming and commit ourselves to respect all innocent human life - beginning with the unborn child.

Merry Christmas to all. May God open our eyes and give us courage to act according to His Holy will.