Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Groningen Protocol - shades of pre-war Germany

It was inevitable.

History repeating itself. People again embracing the dark side of their souls with a cold calculating pragmatic nihilism that harkens back to a pre-World War II Germany. Only this time it is the Netherlands. Euthanasia of adults was not enough. Now the professionals have established a"protocol" to euthanize sick children. They claim that doctors have been doing this for years. Such is the present state of post-Christian Western Europe. It is a dying continent.

There was not a lot of news on the subject. Hugh Hewitt did three hours yesterday on his program. He gets it. They are killing children. This is the same country that was outraged by the ghastly murder of film director Theo van Gogh. So where is the outrage over murdering babies already born?

There was not a lot of information in the papers today. Nothing on the front pages of the majors. As for conversation, is anyone talking about what this means? The implications of a policy where the hospital can kill your child even if you object!

Note the timing of the announcement. The Christmas season. The hospital explained that it had adopted the policy and was already killing children. So much for caution.

This is what thirty plus years of legal abortion has done to the sensibilities of a nation. There has been an international effort to force abortion upon nations that have laws protecting children. The movie industry has tried to paint the abortionist as some sort of noble character struggling against the restrictions of the past. Even this year there is a film out of England depicting an abortionist in the 1950s. A few years back Hollywood gave us the Cider House Rules about abortion. There is such an effort to force abortion upon the society when the natural reaction to abortion and euthanasia is repulsion - and - unfortunately avoidance.

The truth is abortionists are the literal scum of the earth. They kill little unborn babies. They use instruments to destroy human life and demand money for their murderous deeds. In Arizona two notorious abortionists are in prison - not for killing babies - no, the U.S. Supreme Court has told America that women have a constitutional right to kill their unborn children - no, they are in prison for killing or abusing their patients, the women who came to them. John Biskind killed two women and went to prison for killing the second woman. The Board of Medical Examiners gave him a pass on the first death. Brian Finkel was convicted of 22 counts of sexually abusing and assaulting his patients while in the exam room. He is in prison for 33+ years. For over twenty years the Board of Osteopathy and the local press covered for him.

Such is the state of a nation when the killing has been going on for so long.

This is why we must end the horror of abortion. For abortion leads to euthanasia which leads to Auschwitz. Death unto death unto death.

We must cry out against the Groningen Protocol. We cannot remain silent.
For what will our children say if we do nothing in this time of crisis?