Friday, October 25, 2013


I saw the movie short Crescendo last night. I had seen it many times previous and think it is a beautiful powerful artistic film. But last night’s viewing at the theater offered another opportunity to reflect on the pressures that people have affecting their lives and how their own particular sense of God plays a role in how they respond to such pressures.
I look at myself as an example. When the going gets tough, really tough, I fall on my knees, sometimes literally and beg for help. I have learned over these last fifty plus yeas that I cannot do it alone.  I may come across as – well whatever – but the truth is, that I need Him and His presence when the daily pressures of life and work bear down on me.
And to be blunt, sometimes He leaves me hanging – just to help me understand how dependent we all are on Him and His grace. There are those moments when I can plainly see my own ineptness and confusion. There are times when the frustration is overwhelming. But deep down I know He is there and that He will never abandon me.
So I ache when I think of those women and sometimes men who facing the unexpected pregnancy feel so alone and confused. The lack of support or perhaps just the concrete needs that have to be met on a daily basis can be oppressive. And in a fractured society that we currently observe, who is there to help them?
The truth is that we – you and I – should be there these young mothers for they are “our neighbor.”
To truly live the Gospel, we are to be His hands and feet, His arms of loving embrace, His words of soothing support.
The good news is that the pro-life movement at the grass roots is doing just that every day. The pregnancy resource centers offer real hands on hope and help to those women in need. Maternity homes such as Maggie’s place provide real concrete places for young mother to stay.  Of course the demand is great and the current resources are always tapped. These places need our financial assistance.
Then again so do the pregnancy centers. That is why films like Crescendo offer us an opportunity to help these centers and at the same time provide a means to spread the message that every life has meaning and purpose. Perhaps you have the connections to get this film on your campus or at your church.  If you are in college, you can partner with Students for Life in their efforts to bring the film to university campuses throughout the country. If you have a pregnancy center that you would like to support, perhaps you can sponsor a theater showing to raise awareness.  There are so many ways that you can help.  
If we can offer alternatives, women will choose life.  We need to get the message out. There is a better way.