Wednesday, July 07, 2010

More State Pro-life legislation passes - this time - Louisiana

Governor Bobby Jindal signed three pro-life pieces of legislation that will add strict ultrasound requirements to the state’s informed consent laws.  The first law, passed by an overwhelming margin of 79-1, will require abortion facilities to perform an ultrasound on a woman at least two hours prior to an abortion. What is important is that this must be done before she is put under any kind of anesthesia.The second bill essentially guarantees that the HHS secretary will have the same authority over abortion clinics as he has over the licensing of hospitals and their continued operation in that state. This law also passed overwhelmingly by the Louisiana State legislature gives the Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary the power to “deny, refuse, or revoke” the operating licenses of outpatient abortion facilities, when their licensed owner has violated the law. This includes “any provision of the law, any rule, or state or federal regulation pertaining to the licensing of outpatient abortion facilities.”

The third law makes the state opt out of abortion coverage called for in the health-care reform law.
Louisiana is the fourth state to adopt opt-out legislation, a provision in the health-care reform bill that allows states to decide to exclude elective abortion coverage from being offered on the state health insurance exchanges due to begin operating in 2014. The legislation has exemptions for rare cases where the mother's life is in danger from "a physical disorder, physical illness, or physical injury" including "a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself." Louisiana follows the actions of  Arizona, Mississippi and Tennessee.  Missouri has passed a similar bill that is awaiting the governor's review. (h/t - the Hill)


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