Monday, October 11, 2004

The passing of Christopher Reeve

For many Christopher Reeve is etched in our collective memories as Superman, the man of steel. The tragic accident reminded all of us of the strange twists in life and yet his courageous efforts to continue to live life to the fullest were applauded by all around him. Yet as in the case of Michael J. Fox, celebrities can be exploited by those with very different agendas. Their ability to misrepresent the facts, helped by willing conspirator in the press and media, only serve to defame the heroic and sacrificial efforts by those in the disabled community and their families to live full and generous lives.

Given that situation, the passing of Christopher Reeve should give us all pause to reflect on the nature of ones life, its purpose and the notion that each of us is called to be a 'gift' to our families, our friends, our community.

I quote below the words of Austin Ruse, Culture of Life president. They are most appropriate.

"Today we mourn the passing of the great entertainer Christopher Reeve. Our sincere condolences go to his brave family and friends who supported him through his long years of struggle."

"We regret that his passing, like that of Ronald Reagan, will provide the opportunity for some to make the false case for embryo-destructive research."

"The fact is that after twenty years and many millions of dollars, embryo-destructive research has not successfully treated a single patient or a single disease. Embryo-destructive research was no where close to helping Mr. Reeve walk again. To suggest otherwise does a disservice to those who suffer by raising profoundly false expectations that will not be realized."

"While embryo-destructive research has cured no person and no disease, adult stem cell research has already treated thousands of patients and more than 100 diseases. In fact, adult stem cell therapy has already helped those with severe spinal cord injuries to walk again, two of whom testified before the US Senate last month. One of those who testified even suffered from quadriplegic just like Christopher Reeve."

"Embryo-destructive research is morally problematic because it kills a human embryo in the process. On the other hand, adult stem cell research poses no such moral dilemma. Polls also show that a majority of Americans prefer research that does not kill the human embryo."

Ruse reminds us that the American people are not supportive of anything that kills innocent human life.

Each of us was created for a unique purpose, known initially by God, and hopefully discovered by us during our lives. Respect for that purpose and the willingness to help others discover that purpose is the noble effort of man. This noble purpose must be supported by our laws and the leaders who enforces the laws.

It all starts with respect for the human person and the tiniest of people - the pre-born child. I remember an old children's story, "Horton Hears a Who" by Dr. Seuss. In it there is a saying we must never forget. "A person's a person, no matter how small."

On November 2, 2004, remember that person when you vote. Cast your vote only for those candidates who will remember to protect and defend the smallest members of our human family - the pre-born children. Vote Pro-Life.


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