Monday, September 13, 2004

A View From a Room

We are witnessing the meltdown of journalism as we have known it. Evidence the unwillingness of people to simply accept as true what the major media outlets are broadcasting. Combined with the fact that most people do not read the newspapers or watch network television as in the past, one can predict that a major casualty of the information age will be the old means of information. Of course the press and the media have created their own problem when they sacrificed credibility and integrity for power and influence. ( Not that they did not crave or lust for it in the past, it was just done more discreetly and the news pages were off limits to crass pandering or manipulation.)

We in the pro-life movement have suffered from a biased media and press for over 35 years. Most in the press have never been willing to actually address the real of abortion - that abortion kills children in the womb. No, it must be addressed as a conflict of "rights" between the mother and her child. The mother and her child are never on the same side - no- they are always at cross purposes. And who do suppose manufactured that conflict? Our friends in the media, who were looking to promote their pro-abortion agenda, wrapped up in the all American sound of "choice."

The truth is very simple. Abortion kills a child. It destroys a relationship between a mother and her child. For those who respect the woman, abortion is always unthinkable. For those who respect life, abortion is always unthinkable. For those who are men and understand the role of men in today's society, abortion is always unthinkable.

CBS and the lies it promoted about President Bush, has been caught by the thousands of Americans who will not let the media deliver its calumnies without a response.

So too must those of us carrying the banner of truth about the need to protect all human life, to end abortion, and to pass laws to protect our children, continue to challenge the lies and misstatements of those who have a duty to tell the truth.


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