Friday, September 10, 2004

Remaining focused

To those who worked so diligently to support the pro life candidates in the primary, my thanks for a job well done. Now on to the general election and the goal of increasing the pro life presence in the state legislature, maintaining a pro life congressional team, and protecting a pro life presence in the White House.

As I have stated repeatedly in my reports to the membership, and in my articles published on the web, we must support the election of pro life candidates for public office. We must study the races and understand the positions of every person on the ballot. In the race for president, George W. Bush has embraced the pro life perspective. He wants to see an end to the hideous practice of abortion. His opponent supports legal abortion, has told the National Abortion Rights Action league that he would only appoint judges who believed in abortion, and has voted against every pro-life bill ever presented in the Senate. He is not qualified to run for public office in that he is unwilling to protect and defend the most innocent and defenseless of human beings, the unborn child. Each of us must therefore use our right to vote to cast a vote in favor of the children and their mothers.

These next two months are critical to the effort. This blog will be another tool for the cause.
I hope to serve you and the movement as we strive to restore this culture to one that respects the fundamental right of all human beings to life.


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