Monday, September 27, 2004

random thoughts

Showdown in Florida

(and I am not talking about hurricanes or upcoming debates - yet)

Coverage of Terri Schiavo apparently does not rate much as far as thee media is concerned. I suppose in this day and age, the concept that a state supreme court would claim that the actions of the executive and legislative branches of government to preserve the life of disabled persons to be an interference with the judiciary's powers is not all that unusual. Forget about justice or even doing what is right. We must not take any of the court's power to kill away.
Frankly it is my opinion that the attorney general should take custody of Terri as a material witness to a fraud upon the court and the possible conspiracy by her "husband" and his "lawyer" to cause the death of another human being, otherwise known as murder. I would also investigate a judge who does not see the obvious conflict of interest in Michael Schiavo continuing to be guardian when he is having an adulterous relationship with another woman who has borne him two children over the last several years. I pray the Governor has some guts to challenge this mockery of the law and protects this disabled woman.

Chappaquiddick anyone?

Why does anyone even pay attention to the senior senator from Massachusetts?
The guy is an embarrassment and everyone but he and his fellow Democrats know it.
The only reason he is not serving time for the death of that young woman is because he is a Kennedy.
Now he has the presumption to comment of George W. Bush.Kerry must really be hurting to have Ted Kennedy being his attack dog. Everyone outside of New England knows that this Kennedy is a loser and a further reminder of what unearned wealth and power can do to a soul. Instead of using the gifts God had given him, he has squandered his life and turned his back on his heritage. Pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage, anti-American, anti-life, his legacy is disgusting to anyone who met him years ago and hoped that he would be a proponent of truth and justice. So now in his waning years, he seeks to further destroy the greatness of this land with his wearisome noise. The real sadness is that the people in Massachusetts keep electing him.

And on a local note, just because the Democrats have given up on Arizona does not mean that those who want to see the election of honest and pro life men and women, including the reelection of our president, should relax. No, to remind you of what our friend Hugh Hewitt writes, we must win big so they cannot cheat. Continue to register pro life friends to vote. Continue to pass out the pro life voter guides. Continue to pass the word that we must win in November. Thanks.


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