Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Archbishop Myers courageous article

In an effort to clear the air, Archbishop Myers of Newark, recently published an article on the web in the Opinion Journal, www.opinionjournal.com/taste/?id=11005634, where he explains once again that when it comes to the subject of abortion, a person of good will who seeks to do right and avoid wrong cannot vote for someone who supports abortion and votes to keep abortion legal when there is a candidate running who is in favor of restricting abortion and protecting unborn children.

That means in simple language that one may not vote for a person who holds the political views and opinions of John Kerry. One may not vote for a person who votes for legal abortion if one wishes to act consistent with the natural law.

This is not rocket science.

We should all agree that killing innocent people is wrong.
Unborn babies are people.
Unborn babies are innocent.
Abortion kills babies.
Therefore abortion is wrong. Period. End of discussion.

so why is there all this confusion?

Anyone who supports abortion is claiming that there are times and places where it is acceptable and permissible to intentionally kill another innocent human being.

Further that person who supports the killing of innocent human beings would allow the mother in cooperation with a "health care provider" to decide and then act to kill that child.

So what is the difference between the abortionist who sticks the scissors into the back of the beck, sucks out the brains, and crushes the skull, and the Al-Qaida terrorists who just decapitated the American in Iraq?

What is the difference between the two dead bodies except age and location?

Can we not understand that we must address the killing that happens every day in our country?

What is so difficult about respecting the right to life of these children?

Does anybody care? Is anybody there? Does anybody see what I see? - from the musical "1776"


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