Friday, March 18, 2005

The governor has the authority to act to save Terri Schiavo's life

Every time I start to write - something happens and I am off and running.

Well as I write the judge in Pinnellas County has ordered the tube removed from Terri Schiavo. Judge Greer has disregarded congressional subpoenas and the outrage of a nation to cause the death of a woman. Why? Because he thinks he can. Because judges think they are gods. Because this judge thinks that no one can stop him. Because everyone involved in this case is letting him do it.

The governor could stop him and intervene.
The governor should stop him and intervene.
the governor must stop him and intervene.

The situation bears upon whether the nation is able to protect innocent people. If Terri Schiavo was a convicted felon, she would have rights to the federal courts and these courts would have to allow for due process. However, because she is an innocent, deprived of the right to counsel, this judge intends to cause her death.

If the governor is afraid to act, then his brother, the President, should order federal marshals or the FBI to intervene and take her into protective custody.

Then a real independent hearing could occur.
Then the evidence could be reviewed not just by a judge - but by the American people.
Then perhaps the truth would be discovered.
Then perhaps we would find out why this judge wants her dead.

Governor Bush, President Bush. The time for talk is over.
It is time to act now.
Save her life. Save the soul of this country.


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