Friday, June 03, 2005

When you get to the heart of the issue, it is always about abortion

When I was new to the anti-abortion effort, now happily and more positively referred to as the "Pro-Life Movement," I found that most people did not want to discuss this issue with me for a variety of reasons. Perhaps I was not so diplomatic as I told them that this nation was killing 4000 babies a day and asked them what they were going to do about it. I was probably about as subtle as rock shattering glass when I would challenge priests, ministers, pastors, and others in the media to tell the truth and quit misrepresenting the issue to their congregations and audiences. I do remember in college that my friends, while sympathetic, would not join me in efforts to picket the abortion mills or pass out leaflets opposing pro-abortion candidates. It was frustrating and yet I could understand that this issue is not a pleasant one. Fighting abortion was not something that polite society did. Perhaps part of the reluctance of the middle class to get involved was due to the odious nature of the subject.

After all, when one performs or procures an abortion, a human being is killed. The abortionist actively takes the life of a human being in the womb. A woman participates in this act by presenting herself for the procedure. Those in the facility are collaborators in the death. The society allows it to occur. Our government refuses to stop it. Indeed there are judges and legislatures who promote and protect the grizzly act. The U.S. Supreme Court struck down laws that prohibited abortion and continues to sanction the barbaric act. It refuses to allow parents to protect their children from being exploited by abortion providers and fathers have no legal right to protect their unborn children.

Thirty-two years have passed since Roe v. Wade was decided. Over 40,000,000 babies have been killed under the protection of the current legal system. This is the same legal system that has attacked the definition of marriage, the right of the state to protect children from sexual predators and which blurs the distinctions concerning first amendment rights.

There is certainly good news in that pro life Americans represent a majority in the country; that when we vote, we can elect pro-life candidates, that no one really argues that abortion doesn't kill a baby or that it is a bad thing; and that the young people tend to understand that abortion is not a good thing for women. After all in all of this, the woman is as much a victim of the situation as the child.


How are we translating our actions into saving the babies and helping women?

How are we convincing the politicians that it [politics] cannot be business as usual?

Why do many of us not have a sense of urgency as we did years ago, when we were a little more "in your face" about how every day that goes by means another day of dead babies and injured women?

Is it that we just do not want to think about it?

I know that there are times when I do not want to think about the issue. I ask when will the killing stop. I mourn the death of all those little ones. I tremble when I think of the words of Thomas Jefferson who reminds us that there is a final reckoning and a final justice.

This applies somewhat to the issue of the judges and the stalemate in getting the up or down vote. Why after voting on Owen did the Senate not continue with Brown and Pryor? Why are we still waiting? Can we do it this coming week?

And why can't we just defund Planned Parenthood?

After all we have a deficit. There is no money to give to such groups.

And why is our policy at the Justice Department about investigating the criminal activities of these abortion facilities who are covering up child abuse issues so lackluster?

There is so much to do.
But it is not the time for hand wringing or living in the past.
We must deal with the here and now.

So I look in the mirror and ask myself - what have I done to make a difference, to help save a life, to help stop an abortion, to offer help to a mother in crisis lately?


What can I do today and tomorrow to help the cause?

Here is the challenge.

Take the mirror test.


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