Thursday, June 23, 2005

Musings on the Supreme Court

Well, once again the U.S. Supreme Court decided to play its role as the imperial monarch and final arbiter of all things constitutional. Today's ruling deals with private property rights and whether the "just taking" of one's private property could be for another's private gain. Historically and constitutionally, the state could "take" one's land for a public use or purpose and provide just and fair compensation for the taking. Such public purpose could be for a road or public use. However today the court extended it to private gain. The 5-4 decision reflects the same mentality that gave us Roe v. Wade in 1973. We (the government) know better. We are your masters. You are to work, pay taxes and pretend to be in charge of your own destiny. If we ( the government) do not like what you are doing, then we will strip you of your rights and we (the court) will confirm the act.
Sounds like our rights keep getting smaller and smaller.
Now we hear rumors that O'Connor may step down before Rehnquist. Be ready to contact the White house with this message. A clear overt pro life justice - that is who must be appointed. No subtilties, no questions, no wimps.

If the candidate cannot tell everyone that Roe v. Wade is bad law, then he or she should not be considered.

If the candidate is timid, do not select him or her.

Prepare the candidate for the Senate hearings by having the person read all the great law review articles castigating the court for deciding Roe.

Let us have the debate now. Bring out Norma McCorvey to tell the world the truth about the fix that was in.

Publicize the Abortion papers by Blackmun and Brennan and Douglas to show that the court was not adjudicating but legislating.

Let's get organized now and make sure we are not hoodwinked by the pro-abortion republicans who have conned us before.

Remember that almost 40,000,000 children have died since 1973. The carnage must stop. The Supreme Court must be challenged before it robs us of all our God given rights as guaranteed by the Constitution. Now is the time for all of us to stand ready to contact our president and the Congress and demand an honest jurist.


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