Monday, June 20, 2005

On Fr. Pavone's Visit

The energy that drives Fr. Pavone is contagious and we at Arizona right to life appreciate so much his being with us last Monday. I had the pleasure of being his chauffeur for the day and he was able to meet with priests, deacons and seminarians in the morning. He stopped by Maggie's Place to see the great work begin done there. He spoke to law students at the Blackstone Fellowship in the afternoon. Later he met with representatives of the Arizona Life Coalition. He celebrated mass at St. Thomas and later spoke to over 650 people who attended the presentation. He reminded us that if the right to life does not exist for the unborn child, then it does not exist for us. He told us about his visits to Terri Schiavo and the deep love of the family. He challenged us all to stand up and live the Gospel of Life.
After a brief reception at the AZRTL offices, Fr. Pavone caught the red eye for New York. His one day visit highlights the fact that we have much to do. We look forward to his visit in August.
I will add that he truly enjoyed meeting the many pro lifers during the day. He was impressed with the seriousness and the charity exhibited. Keep him and his work in your prayers.


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