Monday, June 27, 2005

No on Gonzales

The White House does not need to put up any more trial balloons. We do not want Alberto Gonzales going to the Supreme Court. Who is the "we" that do not want him on the high court? Any pro-life activist worth his salt; any pro-life conservative with an ounce of sense; anyone hoping to see the court restored to its proper place in government.

So contact the White House and tell them that this nation deserves an honest forthright pro-life jurist for the Supreme Court.

If Sandra Day O'Connor steps down as is expected, and the president wants to nominate a woman, have him consider Edith Jones from the 5th Circuit. But frankly, I would like him to avoid this notion that there must a so many women and so many persons of different races on the bench. He should appoint the person he believes best capable of doing the job, one who believes and respects the dignity of every person, who acknowledges each person's inherent right to life, liberty and property, and who will abide by the rule of law and not opinion.

Every person who holds public office should value these basic principles of our Declaration of Independence and respect the fact that our rights do not originate with government but are to be secured and protected by government.


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