Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Join us for the AZRTL Conference

This is just a reminder to mark your calendars for September 9, 10 2005 and plan to join Arizona Right to Life for its annual State Conference at the Chaparrel Suites Conference center in Scottsdale, AZ located at North Scottsdale and Chaparrel Roads. The conference begins Friday night at 7:00 pm with a concert and talk by Jeff Steinberg. The next day will feature Alvida King as our keynote speaker, together with Dr. Jackie Chadwick, Kristen Day, Tom Marzen, John Mark Reynolds, Dr. Clinton Leonard, who will address subjects as diverse as stem cell research, end of life issues, and the political challenges facing both political parties.

As always there will be tables from members of the pro life community providing information and opportunities for greater involvement in the most important civil rights work of our time.

The cost is quite modest and for what you get is the best bargain of the season. For only $60 (early registration) you get a concert on Friday, continental breakfast and a full lunch and some top notch speakers on the most salient issues of the day.

So please join me for an exciting and motivational weekend in beautiful Scottsdale as we strive to build a culture of life for our children and our country.


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