Monday, August 01, 2005

Frist's folly

Senator Frist's reversal of position on destructive embryonic stem cell research is another clear example of why Washington should not be in the funding business. Clearly the senator from Tennessee is not aware of the fact that not one single dollar spent on destructive embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) has saved a life. Everything thus far is "blue sky' and all theoretical ( "Blue sky" means that there is no evidence the idea will work, pan out, deliver - but there is all this speculation and promise and if it works - wow).
compare that with the research on adult stem cells and the lives saved are already in the tens of thousands.

Just an aside - with this change of position - vanishes whatever slim hope Frist might have entertained in running for president.

All the hype about ESCR is just that - hype. And it is all about trying to reduce the humanity of the unborn child. Realizing that the next generation of Americans is more pro-life than their parents, the various powers that support the abortion are trying to focus on the single cell human to reduce the natural concerns we have for our fellow human beings. Stressing the so-called helping arguments, the idea is to misdirect and confuse the public.

While it may confuse politicians and media folks, the truth is that ESCR has not saved anyone and is only a financial boondoggle for those who want government pork.

Sen. Frist should know better. Yet considering how he botched the confirmations of the appellate judges this spring, it is not unusual for the confusion to once again raise its head in Washington.


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