Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Embracing the Truth

Now that NARAL has pulled its false ad regarding Judge Roberts, we once again are reminded how important truth really is to the process and the eventual outcome of a given situation. With the Democratic leadership stun from the fallout of its opposition to such a stellar candidate, the fallback position had been to keep the support for Roberts as low as possible and therefore signal to the White House not to choose a more conservative candidate for any future vacancies. The public chastisement of NARAL for their blatant false advertising has done nothing to help this strategy. The outcome will be, absent any surprises, that Judge Roberts will be confirmed and the White House will have protected its ability to nominate someone of the caliber of Luttig, Alito, Garza, Jones or even Owen. The efforts by the left to discredit Roberts have failed.
This brings us back to the notion of "truth" and embracing the truth. For anyone involved in the pro-life movement, the first truth is that opposition to abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide is not predicated upon any particular religious tenant. Those who believe in God and those who do not believe in God can agree that killing innocent human beings is a bad thing to do. The basis for this position in American jurisprudence is found in our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. So no one need apologize for arguing a pro-life position from the basis of law. We may separate all that is into two categories - person or property. The law requires that we respect the inalienable rights of persons and the first right is the right to life. This explains why the law is currently in crisis at all levels. There is a major incongruity in the law that allows for the killing of unborn infants. This "permission" to kill came from the Supreme Court in its 1973 ruling called Roe v. Wade. What is seldom said in any discussion on Roe is that a Court does not have the authority in law, in other words, cannot "give" permission or "create" a right that causes harm to an innocent human being. It may have the power, primarily through acquiescence by the other branches of government and the people, but such actions violate the natural law.
The truth is that we all know it is killing. Modern technical advances in ultrasound clearly show the child in the womb. Genetic research proves the unique conception of each person. Only the truly deceitful would ever argue in 2005 that abortion does not take the life of a human being.
So the abortion lobby has been forced to avoid this issue and talk about the concept of "choice." It is after all so 'American' - so 'freedom' sounding. And it allows people to avoid getting involved in a major political and civil rights issue. Since most people are busy enough trying to get by each day, the last thing anyone needs to hear is that they must do something to protect the common good. No offense - but that is a reflection of human nature.
Here is where the truth applies once again.
The stories abound of women being harmed by abortion. For years it was difficult to get the word out. However, with the advances in alternative media distribution via talk radio and the internet, the documented stories of women dying or being seriously injured from abortion and RU-486 abortions are getting more notoriety. Soon, the mainstream media will be unable to ignore the truth.
Abortion hurts women.
It is sad to think that 32 years of legal abortion has killed over 40,000,000 human beings just in the U.S. alone. The tragedy of abortion is not simply that a mother has killed her child, or that a society has adopted a culture of death. It is also the ripple effect - the long term impact that an evil will have on the future generations. The long term damage of the Holocaust on Europe is still seen today. The systematic killing of human beings affects a culture - any culture. Only the truth will set us free. Only a recognition of what we have done and what we need to do will provide us with hope for tomorrow. Only a willingness to embrace the truth will give us the peace that each one of us needs to be truly free.


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