Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Choosing the Replacement for O'Connor

The various blogs that focus on the U.S.Supreme Court, bloggers on Confirmthem.org and Bench Memos are all in a whirl concerned that Alberto Gonzales or someone like him may be the president's pick. With the vote on Roberts scheduled for the full Senate on Thursday, the president will probably wait until Monday to announce his selection. Of course if he wants the press to talk about it all weekend, then he announces on Friday or late Thursday afternoon after he congratulates the Senate for confirming Roberts.

There is great speculation but no knowledge as to what Bush will do or who he will pick. He suggested that his pick would show great diversity, implying that the choice would be a woman or a minority. Of course if he chooses someone like Emilio Garza, I think pro life advocates would be very pleased. If he goes with Edith Jones or Alice Batchelder, pro-lifers will also be very supportive.

Of course I think that Luttig would also be a great pick.

What is very interesting is the speculation and the anticipation involved with this current situation, no one really knows anything.


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