Thursday, September 28, 2006

Munsil continues to challenge Napolitano

Len Munsil continues his grassroots campaign to unseat Janet Napolitano with a blistering attack of her complicity in the Arizona 9/11 memorial. This memorial dishonors the memory of those who died on that tragic day. Munsil was quoted on Rush Limbaugh this week and his action to raise awareness as even moved certain talk show hosts to "take off the gloves" and present the rest of the story on the governor's shameful comments. The Arizona Republic tried to ignore the firestorm but the national discussion on talk radio has made it impossible even for "Janet's rag" to completely ignore.

As for more information on the 9/11 commission, kudos to Sonoran Alliance for disclosing the close connection with democratic party operatives to the commission and to donations going to very liberal national democrats, and to Espresso Pundit for showing both the Republican party commercial and the connection from Rush Limbaugh.

While sentiment over the memorial continues to grab the headlines, the work of getting Len Munsil's name out to the public is still the work of the grassroots. Unlike the current governor who enjoys the positive only coverage from the state's newspapers, Munsil must get his name known to the voters of Arizona. Continue to talk about his vision and how he still believes that America is that bright shining city on a hill, to coin an old phrase used by a great man.

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