Thursday, August 31, 2006

Staying true to the cause

The last few days have reminded me how all of us committed to the cause, ie the restoration of those appropriate laws to protect unborn children and those medically dependent and disabled, must stay true to the message and not get sidetracked by matters that appear but are not central to the purpose of our effort.

We are involved in such an important work. Sometimes we are so busy doing things that we forget how important. Human life. Do we think human life is sacred? Do we believe human life is suppose to be protected? Do we think that anyone who runs for office ought to respect every human life? And what about voting for candidates? Are we aware of their position on abortion? Are we willing to consider that there are some issues so important that they would influence our vote?

At Arizona Right to Life, we have listed those candidates that meet our qualifications. These candidates have been endorsed by our Political Action Committee. See for the names of those candidates who have been listed.


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