Thursday, July 27, 2006

Len Munsil - class act

Everyone who has read this blog know that I support Len Munsil for governor.
I have known him all of his adult life and he is a man of integrity and honor.
I hope everyone who reads this blog will support him and work for him. He wants to address the real issues and is the only Republican candidate who can unseat the current governor.

His "performance" during the debate last week highlighted his qualifications. Now his comments on the current crime problem further reveal his approach to problem solving. He is not interested in the pettiness of the reporters' questions as some of them shill for Janet. He won't lower himself to personal attacks. He simply asks serious questions about the efforts of those in positions of power.

The press may ignore Len Munsil but the people of this state want someone who can do the job with honor.

Since Janet was complicit with the situation that led to a 14 year old ward of the court going to Kansas to have a late term abortion of her 28 week old unborn baby, I suspect that her approach to crime is politically tinted. At one time the law held that killing an unborn child to be a felony throughout this country. In Arizona the law still on the books holds abortion to be a crime, albeit unenforceable. Yet Janet Napolitano supports abortion. She supports the killing of unborn human beings and she opposes efforts by the people to put even minor restrictions on such behavior.

Len Munsil, on the other hand, respects the sanctity of all human life, born and unborn. As governor he will protect all the children from those who would cause them harm. Further he would protect mothers from being victimized by predatory abortionists who prowl through the state seeking the ruin of lives.

So as you become more aware of the ongoing campaign, tell your friends and co-workers to support Len Munsil for governor..


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