Sunday, June 11, 2006

Making a difference

Every day we have an opportunity to do something that will positively impact on the world around us. It may be as quiet and subtle as a smile to a weary cashier or opening a door for a delivery fellow with a huge load. It can also be something that will change a person's life ...forever.

If you want to have positive effect on the world around you, join the pro-life movement. And I mean join. Sure, you think, there is no time. I have to do this or that to prepare for, or there is nothing I could do that would make a difference.

I beg to differ.

Each one of us is given a special talent. That talent can be used for good or for ill. And each one of us can offer that talent for the service of our community.

The question is.... do we care enough?

How many times do we watch some TV show or some movie and wonder if we could be that hero?

Or if we read in the paper about some heroic act of some firefighter or police officer, thank God for his being there.

Well, today someone may ask you if they should choose life or death. How will you react?
Today someone may need you to support theme through a difficult situation? Will you be there?
today some one may need your prayers as they struggle with the pressures of this modern world. Can you offer up a word to God?

Being in the pro-life movement is about opportunity and preparedness. It is also about offering your time, your talent and your treasure. This year AZ Right to Life will want a lot of people to fill the needs and spread the message. Whether it be the elections or the fairs, our presence requires your presence.

So look at your schedule, think about your talents and volunteer.
Think about others that could volunteer with you. Then together, lets save some lives and make some people smile.

Be a hero.... I dare you.


At 12:27 PM, Blogger SUZANNE said...

Thanks for the message. I wish more pro-life people would hear it. If every pro-lifer stood up for the rights of unborn children, abortion would no longer be legal.

I'm a stay-at-home mom with two young kids. I use my free time to network, lobby and blog. If every pro-lifer did a little bit every day, it would make a huge impact. You don't need much.

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

What has always mystified and, to be candid, appalled me about this problem is that genuine activism (which needlessly scares people off) in any of the several worthy areas of the right-to-life movement has never even been the requirement, as far as ending the legally sanctioned killing of pre-birth children is concerned. All that has ever been necessary is one or two election cycles in which alledgedly pro-life people actually vote out pro-abortion politicians. (To me, the nadir for this cynical public disinterest over such a transcendant issue was the fact that Clinton received a higher percentage of "Catholic" votes than from the general population!)

If extremely focused voters on the freedom to own guns, or even on the freedom to stupidly kill oneself by not wearing a motorcycle helmet (!), can get everything they want from politicians, the infinitely greater human rights violation of legal abortion-on-demand ought to claim the same committment from people, but never has....


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