Friday, June 09, 2006

Catching up with the news

If you let a little thing like family take over your life, it is clear that blogging will be the first thing to go.

For those wondering why you have not read any pearls of wisdom as of late, it can be explained in a single word: family. I have been enjoying time with them both in watching my children on stage in Fiddler on the Roof, listening to my son's senior thesis on music and liturgy and its defense before his teachers, participating in the graduation of my son and the promotion of another, along with the requisite parties that must attend such events, and enjoying another son's birthday. Oh and did I mention that I have still managed to be out speaking on the pro-life issue in Tucson, Surprise, Tempe, etc, etc, etc.

So here is a thumbnail on what has been happening:

In national news, Louisiana's governor will sign a law that will ban almost all abortions once should Roe v. Wade be overturned. This continues the efforts by local pro-life organizations to prepare for the reversal of Roe.

In South Dakota, four Republicans who voted against banning abortion were defeated in the primary, signaling the attitude and intent of the voters in South Dakota.

In Mississippi, it seems the state is down to one abortion mill. I would suggest that those who work there as staff will be looking for new work soon.

That is, by the way, a great way to affect abortion clinics in your area. Befriend that staff and find them legitimate work where they will not be killing babies. Then they can go home and sleep at night. You will find that most of the lower level employees are only there because they cannot find work elsewhere. It certainly is not for the pay. If pro-lifers can convince abortion workers to
look for other work, then the continued turn-over will have the obvious results.
This also explains why having regular legal picketing and praying in front of the clinics will have a long term effect on reminding the workers that what they are doing is wrong.

At the state level, on the political front, Bill Montgomery, who is running for AttorneyGeneral, will be filing all his signatures and his $5 contributions on Monday June 12, 2006. Bill is a great friend to the pro-life movement and is endorsed by AZRTL-PAC.

Meanwhile it is very important that we talk up the candidacy of Len Munsil. You would be surprised to know how few people are aware of the governor's race or that there is even an election in November. In order for Len to beat the current governor, people must recognize his name and that he is running for governor. Contact Len at his website and volunteer to post signs, put bumper stickers on your car and otherwise get out the name. You see, The Arizona Republic is not going to mention Munsil except to ignore him. Munsil. Say it again. Munsil. The Republic is supporting the current governor. The paper will ignore Munsil except to attack him for being a Christian and having 8 children.

So the only way the word will reach the masses is through you.

Well, its time to listen to my son whose band is in concert tonight. For those who like alt.rock, check out his band - The Draw.

Finally mark your calendars for September 22-23 2006 for the annual Arizona Right to Life Conference at the Chaparral Suites in Scottsdale. For more information, go to our AZRTL website.


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Good to hear from you again John - you've been missed!


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