Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jim Pederson - not quite for everyone

The race for the U.S. Senate has begun. Senator Jon Kyl has an opponent. Jim Pederson is the former chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party, credited with reviving the party with a personal infusion of over two million dollars. He has filed papers to run for the U.S. Senate. A self-made real estate developer and businessman, Pederson is trying to impress the public that he is his own man. His television ads tell the story of someone who will be for all the people. Well not quite. You see Jim Pederson is pro-abortion. He thinks killing babies ought to remain legal. He campaigned for the current governor who as we know was responsible for a 14 year-old ward of the state going to Kansas to have her 28 week unborn baby killed by the most infamous abortionist in the country. So as I listened to the ad, I wondered how it is that people could support someone who thinks this way. And the truth is that most people do not think about abortion. Most people do not want to be reminded that over 4000 babies are killed in the U.S every day. Even our so-called friends do not want to talk about it.

Well, here is the bottom line. Anyone who thinks it is perfectly all right to have abortion allowed in this country will not and cannot be entrusted with the responsibility to vote on critical issues facing this nation. The same people who will support abortion for the young will support euthanasia for the elderly. Considering the looming crisis over Social Security, one should be scared -very scared.

The Democrats as a whole are on the wrong side of the social and cultural issues. While there are some brave pro-life Democrats here and there, the truth is that the party has excised them from Democratic Party politics. While this helps the Republicans in the short run, it is not good for the two party system. The future of this nation must be pro-life or there won’t be any future.

AzRTL-PAC has endorsed Jon Kyl for re-election. Senator Kyl has been a strong proponent for life and for protecting the unborn and their mothers. His votes on the Judiciary are important to Arizona and the nation. Thanks to Senator Kyl, there are two strong justices who believe in the limits of government. Remember that when it comes to the election, your voice and your vote must be heard

Hold the various candidates to their positions. Challenge them when they get out of line.
AZRTL and the entire pro-life movement represent the vast majority of the American public who believe that abortion is wrong. Now what is needed is the grunt work - to get the message out to the people and to get the people to vote.


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