Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Realizing our worth

We do not often consider how each one of us is unique, unrepeated and here and now the only person who will ever be just as we are - ever. There are the truisms - no two snowflakes are alike, no two leaves are the same. And we say we know it to be true. But do we really? Do we really appreciate the fact that each person is a unique individual with qualities and a purpose to discover. Each person holds in his or her hands the opportunity to do something good, beautiful and true.
And do we accept the notion that our children, our parents, our siblings, our friends are all special.

It is easy to get into the daily rut and ignore the wonder of the everyday.

Whether it is the cashier, the teacher, the person in the car next to you, every person has a world surrounding him with relationships and struggles and challenges and goals.

Protecting the right to life is the first step in allowing people to "be" so that they can have the relationships and struggles and whatnot.

Protecting the right to life acknowledges the unique qualities of every person.

Protecting the right to life is the purpose and function of law.

As we begin the political season in earnest, keep your eyes on the prize. Life.
Don't let people confuse you. Life first. Don't let politicians distract you. In fact unless they are pro-life, don't let the politicians even cross your threshold. For protecting innocent human life is a threshold issue.


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