Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Abortion Governor

Arizona governor Janet Napolitano once again demonstrated her extreme pro-abortion views when she vetoed the recently passed “Fetal Pain” bill, HB 2254 which would have required the abortion provider to inform women that their unborn child will experience pain when the abortion provider kills the child.

Her veto of the legislation was not unexpected.

She does after all have a history of hostility toward children.

While attorney general her office put up a sham fight to prevent a 14 year old ward of the state from being transported to Kansas for an abortion of her 28-week old unborn child. Her complicity in the blood lust that Planned Parenthood had directed toward the death of this child was consistent with her political history as an extreme liberal lawyer who advised Anita Hill as she slandered Justice Clarence Thomas.

A brief AP story marked the Arizona Republic’s notation of the governor’s veto action.

A recent study reported in the Journal of Neuroscience stated that premature babies “feel true pain’ and that neonatal units need to have a protocol for pain for premature babies.

Somehow even though the bill would not prevent any abortions and only serve to inform women of the issue, the governor’s allegiance to the abortion lobby resulted in the veto.

This veto marks the third veto of legislation that would have provided help to women and children. In the past she has vetoed legislation that would have required abortion providers to properly inform women of the risks of abortion. She also vetoed a bill that would have protected and respected the conscience of health care providers.


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