Friday, March 17, 2006

Munsil Campaign Calls for Grassroots Activism

Len Munsil is running to be the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona. Len is a strong advocate for the family, for the preservation and the protection of the all persons, born and unborn, and for a strong productive Arizona.

Arizona Right to Life PAC has endorsed Len Munsil because AzRTL-PAC knows that Len Munsil shares the values and goals of Arizona Right to Life. In addition to Len’s strong pro-life credentials, Len is a fine attorney and an experienced public policy advocate. As a third generation Arizonan, Len and his wife Tracy are raising their eight children here in this state. His commitment to the future of this state is not seen in just his words, but more important in his actions.

Len Munsil is running as a clean elections candidate. He needs the support of the people of Arizona. You can support his candidacy by contributing $5 to his campaign. This effort is important to show the grassroots believe in the family values that need to be honored by Government now and in the future. As a clean elections candidate, Len Munsil wants to raise his goal as soon as possible. Such an effort would underline the broad-based support for his candidacy.

Join other pro-life Arizonans who want to see Len Munsil governor of the state of Arizona.

Click the link above to go to his site and participate in grassroots activism.


At 3:55 PM, Blogger Alnot said...

Yes we discussed that at the GOP meeting last night and he gets my vote and support.


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