Sunday, February 26, 2006

Person or Property

Senator Brownback spoke at the Arizona Right to Life Second Annual Carolyn Gerster Awards Gala last night. The event honored Virginia Evers, designer of the "Precious Feet" pin for her lifelong commitment to the pro-life cause. The senator was introduced by Arizona Senator Jon Kyl who explained the attendants Brownback's important contribution to the Roberts and Alito confirmations.

Brownback made some very important comments, but none was more compelling than the categories to which all the exists belong. Everything is either person or property.
He gave us some examples and then asked the rhetorical question:
Is the unborn child person or property?
It is such a powerful question and one we should consider in our discussions with those who do not share our viewpoint.

Senator Brownback was very comfortable during his stay in Arizona. He was very well received by those in attendance. Arizona Right to Life thanks the Senator once again for his willingness come to Arizona and for his commitment to the cause of life.


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