Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Press highlights "Christian" agenda

Expect the press to try to pigeon-hole Len Munsil as strictly a social conservative candidate. Expect them also to bring up his religion and his moral philosophy a lot. You see, the mainstream media believes that such a label will turn people off. Let them think that. When people hear Len Munsil outlined his vision for a better Arizona, when people hear about how he and his wife Tracy are raising eight children, when people hear how he believes in family values and the importance of laws supporting the family unit, people will want to elect Munsil governor.

Len Munsil believes in God, loves his family, is concerned about his country and the future of his state. He has core values that will resonate with the voters in Arizona. People want someone in government who will invest in the future - walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

Munsil will outline an agenda that at its core respects the dignity of every human person, and believes law should protect every human life - from womb to tomb. When one starts from a position that respects the right to life of persons, then protecting their property, promoting the rule of law and providing for the common good take on a greater significance. Government must start with respect for all human life. Then it can discuss how to best protect and defend such a person. This is not a "Christian" agenda per se. It is an approach to government that goes all the way back to Moses, was developed in that last 2000 years and finds itself in the crucible of American politics.

During his announcement, Len Munsil touched on many subjects, most of which have nothing to do with religion, per se. But placed within all law is a sense of morality to understand whether the law is good or bad, will respect the dignity of the human person and whether it provides an across the board attitude that is both principled and refreshing.

It will be an exciting race.


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