Sunday, January 15, 2006

Shadegg for majority leader

The entry of John Shadegg into the race for House majority leader is an exciting turn of events in what is fast becoming a very embarrassing event for Republicans (though Democrats who have any concern about this country will be worried not only how it affects their party, but the country as well. John went to congress a reformer and as many of his colleagues will attest has been frustrated that many in the House and Senate are more interested in 'bringing home the bacon' as opposed to slimming down government. Shadegg would really care abhor shrinking the size of government.

Now the fact that he hails from Arizona only makes him more believable. Out West, there is a code by which men live. Seems that the code needs to be spoken of and followed in the halls of Congress. John Shadegg lives by that code. He has been a fine congressman for Arizona and would follow in the great tradition of John Rhodes who was the republican minority leader during those difficult times. Shadegg would bring to the Congressional leadership a reminder of why they are there in the first place - to do the people's business - not to pocket the leavings and then go to work for some lobbying firm.

The American people would support the selection of a John Shadegg. The Republicans, and especially those in denial or avoidance, should seriously consider John Shadegg for this position.

Finally John is a friend to children, both those born and those growing in the womb of their mothers. He is a friend of Arizona Right to Life and I think all of Arizona would support him for this post.


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