Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Be a hero

Regardless of what the MSM pretend, it is becoming increasingly clear that today's average person does not read the papers and is not getting his news from the major newws casts. This is both good and bad news for the country. The good news is that with more people tuning out, the MSM is having less influence on the general public. The bad news is that the public is simply tuning out of everything and that means a less informed populace. For those who stay current, the internet and talk radio are the two main sources of information. Blogs are another means of moving news, though most of the blogs seem to be commentaries on the news events of the day.

For us in the pro-life movement, it means that we must become more savvy as we endeavor to get the message of life to the general public. It is still important to have the rallies and to remind people to attend. The importance of human interaction and the accountability that it underscores are just two reasons to take the time to participate in pro-life events.

This is why your presence in prayer in front of the abortion mills is so important. Your presence can save lives.
If you do not think so, then ask the two women who changed their minds on December 10 and 24, 2005 after going to the Planned Parenthood in Phoenix. On both days over 300 people prayed in front of the abortion mill. On both occasions, a woman changed her mind.

Think about it for a moment. A life saved. Another life saved.

So what is a hero? Someone who does something valorous? Someone who saves a life?

Be a hero. Make a difference. Get involved in the pro-life movement. We need you. The moms need you. The babies need you.

Also remember to attend our annual Pro-life Rally on January 22, 2006. Mark that day and bring your family to Steele Park in Central Phoenix to stand up anad be counted for life.

Sponsored by the Arizona Life coalition which is made up of such organizations as AZRTL, CPC and CAP, this event allows us to tell our political leaders and our fellow Americans that we care about life.

Details are on the AZRTL website.

Join your fellow pro-lifers for a day of renewal and recommittment to the Culture of Life.

Make a difference. Be a hero.


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